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Built for Speed

Yes, Saturday’s Sickle Cell 5000-meter race is built for speed. Paul Guyas has taken a fast course and made it faster.
It also will be safer. I still have a bad memory from last year of Zach Deveau deciding whether to hit a cone or a car with Barrett’s stroller.
And for the first time in three years you do not have to worry about a hurricane.

Many participants don’t care whether the course is fast. They just want to support the cause and have a fun run or walk. No problem, you are welcome. We even have competition awards for walkers.

But if you are ready to fire up your engine and push the transmission button over to “sport,” this is the course to do it on. And to add some excitement to those who do, we have some special awards. As you know, the absolute best running statistician in Tallahassee (probably Florida) is Herb Wills. Herb maintains what he calls Tallahassee’s Top 5k Performances by Men and Top 5K Performances by Women on paved certified courses in 2018. ( The last list he published is up to date through April 28. So, it is not quite up to date.(I think the main race that is missing is the 4th of July race). But it will be shortly.

Any runner who finishes the Sickle Cell 5K in a time that puts them in the top 5 places after the list is updated through the Sickle Cell race will receive a $25 gift certificate from Trail and Ski, and anyone who comes away with the number 1 ranking will receive a $100 gift certificate.

We will also recognize the top 2 masters (male and female) with gift certificates if they displace the top two masters runners on the list.
So, flip the switch and mash the gas pedal on Saturday morning.