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Tallahassee Marathon and Tallahassee Half Marathon


Tallahassee Marathon and Tallahassee Half Marathon. Date: February 2, 2019Location: Monroe Street, Town Center. The Tallahassee Marathon has been a constant force here since March 8, 1975 when it started with humble beginnings and two runners on Natural Bridge Road.  Since then, it has also started at Silver Lake, Campbell Stadium, Killearn Estates, Wacissa Springs, Tallahassee Nursery and the FSU Track.  It has been flat and it has been hilly.  But it has always been carefully tended to with great volunteers and quality race directors. The Tallahassee Half Marathon was first run on January 18, 1998. One hundred and forty nine runners finished the first Tallahassee Half Marathon. That number has grown since with

Prior to Jay Silvanima’s debut as race director in 2007, the most runners to finish the marathon was 129 in 2005. Jay believed the marathon could grow however and he set to work making that happen.  Over the next few years, he signed Nancy Stedman up to help him (and be his wife) and together they grew the marathon to its largest number of marathon finishers (359) in 2014 and three years in a row with over 300 finishers.  The marathon made extensive use of the paved bicycle trail to St. Marks during these years and started and finished at or on the FSU Track, running along side Doak Campbell food ball stadium.   Jay and Nancy also pushed the half marathon to new heights, crossing the 600 number in 2011 and reaching a high of 728 in 2013.