GWTC Annual Awards

2013 Annual Awards

I swear it is not just because they let me do a wonderful presentation.  I really think the Awards Committee did a fantastic job this year.  Let’s start with the venue.  After a couple of years at Bradley’s Retreat, they recognized the need to move the...

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2014 Annual Awards

As usual the Awards Committee organized a wonderful evening for us. Their superb selections follow. I have often said the GWTC is by far the most impressive organization I have ever been involved in. The last update (The Rex Cleveland Advancement of the...

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2017 Annual Awards

It is fitting that the GWTC Annual Awards Night fell on the eve of what would have been Dr. Martin Luther King’s 79th birthday.  The words above may sound like they were written by Gary Griffin to help a runner though an ultramarathon, but in fact they...

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