Why You Should Join GWTC

Gulf Winds Track Club (GWTC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose members include runners, walkers, swimmers, and cyclists of all speeds and levels of ability and training, whether they participate for education, competition, fitness, health, or personal social enjoyment. The club’s bylaws lay it out well:

The purpose of this club shall be to encourage health and fitness, especially through participation in jogging and running, whether for competition, physical fitness, or pleasure; to stimulate the exchange of information about health, fitness, and running and to disseminate such information; and to encourage individuals to pursue opportunities to participate and compete in races and other fitness activities and to provide organized events in which interested individuals may participate.

Long ago, the club adopted a very “open door” policy welcoming members and nonmembers to events, while keeping focused on the goals described above. It has also maintained a family atmosphere, both in being like family to each other and keeping most, if not all, events family friendly, including fun events for kids.

GWTC’s newsletter, social meetings and media communications, and a variety of lecture events, inform members of local and regional events and foster the exchange of information about the benefits of running, biking, swimming, and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Membership is inexpensive and can easily be recouped through race fee discounts and store discounts. An individual yearly membership is only $20. Sign up the entire family and it is $25. Include biking and swimming activities (Gulf Winds Triathlete membership) and the total cost is $35 for a yearly single membership and $50 for the whole family.

Here is a sampling of club activities that benefit from your membership while providing opportunities for you as well.

• Conduct a full race schedule of over 25 racing events on varied terrains and at varied distances.
• Conduct an Annual Awards Program to recognize those who have excelled in providing service to the club and in competing in the Grand Prix circuit.
• Provide technical guidance for local groups, including elementary and middle schools and other nonprofit entities, holding races to raise money.
• Rent race equipment.
• Certify and measure race courses.
• Conduct training groups for every level of runner – slow, fast, long, and short.
• Provide the School Running Grant Program.
• Support the Chenoweth Fund, which recognizes and assists local runners and running teams through grants that pay for travel, equipment, and training expenses.
• Hold Lecture Series programs.
• Hold family-friendly social events.
• Publish “The Fleet Foot” monthly newsletter.
• Maintain a website and mobile app with running-related information, race results, calendar, and articles of interest.
• Support the City of Tallahassee’s summer track program.
• Create youth running groups such as the SMIRFs and the Turkey Trot Striders

So really when you think it through, why would you not join GWTC? We would love to have you! We bet you will make some of the best life long friends you could imagine.