By David Yon

Each year GWTC elects a new board to oversee the club. I suspect to many GWTC members the process is a bit of a mystery. Like most organizations it usually takes a bit of work to find a slate of candidates that is willing to run. And for some reason over the years, people don’t seem to want to run in contested elections for the officer positions, so the only “true” election is usually for the at large board positions where anywhere from six to eight candidates run for five positions.

The job of recruiting candidates to run for office falls on the Committee on Nominations created by Article IV section one of the GWTC bylaws. The members of the committee, who are not eligible to run for any office, consist of the immediate past president of the club (Jane Johnson) and two persons appointed by the President (Bill Perry and Bill McGuire). It is a thankless job requiring a lot of work and arm twisting. Bill McGuire has labored on this committee for more years than I can count and been more responsible for making elections happen each year than any other person. While the committee comes up with a slate, all members are free to nominate candidates for any position who will then appear on the ballot as long as they agree to run.

The 2006 board has now been duly elected and includes the following:

Tom Perkins – President
David Yon – Vice President
Beth Alexander – Secretary
Bonnie Wright – Treasurer
Judy Alexander – Director
Paul Ahnberg – Director
Terry Ryan – Director
Mary Jean Yon – Director
Nadine Dexter – Director

In addition to the persons elected above the following additional positions are voting members of the board. The Newsletter Editor, Equipment Manager, Membership Chair and Race Director Coordinator are each appointed by the President, subject to confirmation by the Board.

Fred Deckert – Newsletter Editor
Paul Hiers – Second Past President
Joe Dexter – Equipment
Brian Corbin – Membership Chair
Jane Johnson – First Past President
Charlie Yates – Race Director Coordinator

There is more information on each board member on the web page under the links Club Business and then Board Profiles and Officers/Committees. Check it out and feel free to contact any board member about any concern. Board meetings are the second Wednesday of each month starting at 7:30 p.m. You can contact the club secretary to find out where the meeting is being held each month. All members are welcomed.