Local Running Trails

Those who run in Tallahassee are among the most fortunate people anywhere in the world. This is a community that has always loved its majestic trees. But not just its trees, we also love and support our parks. It is a community that supports ideas like Blueprint 2000 to pay for the cost of building and maintaining them. Listed here are a few ideas for running in and around Tallahassee. Some are famous, some hidden, some concrete and asphalt and some trail. Remember as you head out to explore that there are dogs, snakes, ticks, roots, cracked sidewalks and no sidewalks, heat, rain and on rare occasions even snow, plus hundreds of other hazards. You alone are responsible for your safety and that includes bringing enough water! Please remember that it is up to you to protect yourself from all hazards. Of course, there are also deer, fox, turkey, owls, osprey, snakes, alligators, bears, live oaks, lakes and swamps. There are many ways to find yourself and to lose yourself, so go explore and tell us what you find.

One of the goals for these pages is to identify to races and organized runs the many picturesque areas in and around Tallahassee.

If you have a favorite route or trail, let us know by sending an e-mail to David Yon. If you see something out of date on these pages, please let us know. We will take care of the rest. If you have revisions or more specific information on any route listed, please send that too. Click on the trail below for details: