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The Woodstorks Plot How to Win the 30K

No worries they are they are in our line of sight (Photo by Fred Deckert).

Yes, It is a Youth Movement

Battles at the ARP - From Herb Wills

GWTC is about friends, family and good health!

On the Run - The Gadsden Correctional Facility Running Club Takes Off

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Troy Dunkley and Ann Centner were fast tourists at the 40th Boston Mini Marathon H Wills 2019

Another area race finished up its fourth decade this past Saturday at the 40th running of the Boston Mini Marathon, just north of us in Boston, Georgia. In just a few years we'll see the first Tallahassee-area races reach the half-century mark, but for...

Gary Droze builds special bond with students D Yon 10-2019

For the first time since 1993, Gary Droze is not at the head of the Maclay School cross country or track and field programs. The reins have been passed to Angie Milford, who will no doubt build her own terrific legacy.The Droze Story is, of course, still...

Pine Run Report Herb Wills 2019

On their way to staffing the third water table, Jay Silvanima andNancy Stedman chased some feral hogs off the Pine Run course,guaranteeing a pork-free race. So you won't see any mention of pigs inthis account of the race.Chris Jones and Katie Sherron take...

Paul Guyas and Isabel Davis defeat sand, snags, and the competition at the Prefontaine 5K Herb Wills 2019

Paul Guyas and Isabel Davis defeat sand, snags, and the competition at the Prefontaine 5K  FEATURES

Chris Jones leaves the field far, far behind at the Dr. Eric Dueno Memorial 10K Herb Wills 2019

Chris Jones leaves the field far, far behind at the Dr. Eric Dueno Memorial 10K  FEATURES

Daniel Cook and Cammie Hungerford have blue-ribbon performances at the Pink Run Herb Wills 2019

Daniel Cook and Cammie Hungerford have blue-ribbon performances at the Pink Run  FEATURES

GWTC – What We’re About

GWTC Members Only Discounts

The following local businesses offer discounts to members of GWTC.     10% off running shoes and apparel 1845 Thomasville Road (850) 727-8011   10% off running shoes and apparel 2743 Capital Circle NE (850) 531-9001   Best rates + 20% discount for...

GWTC What We’re About

Gulf Winds Track Club includes joggers, runners, race walkers and triathletes of all levels of ability and training, whether they participate for competition, fitness or personal social enjoyment. Our newsletters, social meetings and lecture series inform members of...

Youth Running in the Big Bend

The ARP Hosts the State Championships again

Brian Miller has done an outstanding job covering high school running in Tallahassee for the Tallahassee Democrat. The Timberwolves picked up a 3rd-place finish from senior Caitlin Wilkey and a 5th-place result from senior Alyson Churchill to earn another trophy. ...

Feeling blue–Ella Porcher and Junious Brown fronted Maclay to a sweep of 1A District 2 H Wills 10-2019

There were several Big Bend Schools competing in Live Oak this morningat the 2019 1A District 2 cross-country championships. If you're tiredof reading "Maclay" and "sweep" in the same sentence, this articleoffers you no relief: "Feeling blue--Ella Porcher...

After five weeks and six meets, Leon County Schools' 2019 middle school cross-country season is over. And just like each year since 2010, the season ended with the League Championship Meet at Apalachee Regional Park. When the NCAA meet comes here in 2021,...

Twilight Invitational Report Herb Wills 2019

Junious Brown, Ella Porcher, and Maclay take the brooms to Live Oak for the Twilight Invitational  Youth Running

Kyra Swart and Patrick Koon saddle up at the Mustang Stampede Cross-Country Meet Herb 2019

There are only two meets left in Leon County Schools' 2019 middle school cross-country season, the Falcon Invitational at Phipps Park on Sept. 26 and the League Championship at Apalachee Regional Park on Oct. 3. It's a six-meet season, and the fourth meet...

Skye Williams and Patrick Koon battle to victory at the Fort Braden Run Herb Wills 2019

Skye Williams and Patrick Koon battle to victory at the Fort Braden RunAnd here are some photos of the races:2019 Fort Braden Run (Girls) 5 September 20192019 Fort Braden Run (Boys) 5 September 2019 Youth Running

School Running Grant Program

School Running Grant Program


Welcome to Gulf Winds Track Club! Don’t let the name fool you – GWTC is about promoting and supporting running on the track, on the roads and on the trails.

GWTC Volunteer Spotlight

It has been said that in most non-profit organizations 10% of the members do 90% of the work.  GWTC, though a not-for-profit entity, has historically been made up of a large number of individuals who have given much back to the club and the sport that has added so much to their lives.

There is simply no disputing that GWTC ceases to exist if its volunteers suddenly disappeared.  Fortunately, that is not going to happen.  But there is always a need for new volunteers.  Yes, it is work, but it is also very rewarding.  This feature, Volunteer Spotlight, will tell the volunteer story.  Our focus will be on members who volunteer but do not get a lot of recognition. Without these volunteers, things start falling apart very quickly.    

Gulf Winds Track Club continues to be volunteer-driven and volunteer-needy. 

Volunteer Spotlight – Pat Dugan

Volunteer Spotlight - Pat DuganTell us briefly about your running experience. I’ve been running for a little over 40 years. My fast days are long over but I continue to run/walk for fitness and the social aspects related to spending time with so many great...

Volunteer Spotlight Tarik Noriega

Volunteer Spotlight - Tarik Noriega Tell us briefly about your running experience. I am mostly a sprinter, but also enjoy the challenge of any race up to a 5K. Are you a member of GWTC?  How long? Yes, 13 years. You were out at Miller Landing Madness...

Volunteer Spotlight Jean Bowling & Rod Anderson

Jean Bowling joined Gulf Winds Track Club in 1979 after moving here from Montreal, Canada.  She consistently placed in her grand prix age groups, the 50s, from 1988 to 1994, and still gave her competitors a run for their money for some years after that...

Volunteer Spotlight Tom Scott

Try as he might, Tom Scott cannot get race directors to let him do anything but take photos of the runners. That’s probably because he is a Photographer Extraordinaire, catching us at our best, worst and most triumphant moments.Tom is a longtime runner and...

Volunteer Spotlight Mark Priddy

Modesty is a common character trait that I encounter each and every time I approach a potential “Spotlight” volunteer.  As you will read, Mark Priddy is no exception to that rule.  Read on, and if it’s been a while since you’ve volunteered at a race or if...

Volunteer Spotlight Jay Wallace

Whether it’s running or scoring, Jay Wallace is a “quick” study!This month’s featured volunteer took on the task of learning the Club’s scoring system to provide results for last month’s multi-distance cross country event: Miccosukee Madness 3K/5K/8K. Even...

Volunteer Spotlight The Dexters to the Rescue

Volunteerism is a very personal thing. Some people love to jump in with both feet and fill every spare moment; others prefer to dip their toes in and test the water gradually with smaller jobs of a more finite nature. Both types of volunteer spirit are...

Volunteer Spotlight Peg Griffin

This month’s “Spotlight” shines on Peg Griffin, an outstanding runner and volunteer who spends about as much time on club business as she would a full time job.  If you have ever wondered where the results of that last race you ran came from or how they...

Volunteer Spotlight Terry Massa

“What made me want to volunteer was the great feeling I had at my first 1/2 marathon at Disney and seeing all those volunteers cheer me on,” says Terry Massa, who since 2005 has volunteered in more than 19 GWTC events, including directing her own...

Volunteer Spotlight The Brew Crew

GWTC cannot survive without the efforts of hundreds of volunteers.  In a new feature the webmonster plans to shine a little light on some of those volunteers in hopes that it will convince you to be an active volunteer!Tim Brewton, February 15, 2007The...

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