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Spirit of Community Survives Turkey Trot D Yon 12-2020

I am still not sure what I think.   I was sound asleep at 3:30 a.m. last Thursday, as was Bill Lott,  nowhere near the SouthWood State Offices Complex where the start, finish and registration take place on most Thanksgiving Day mornings. Bill McGuire had carefully...

A Perfect Day for a Stroll Down Panama City Beach D Yon 11-2020

The Ironman Florida, just over 100 miles west and south of Tallahassee in Panama City Beach, has been a favorite of Tallahassee triathletes for many years.  Maybe it is not so much a favorite as it is a rite of passage.  Triathletes from Gulf Winds make the drive to...

On the Road Again D Yon 10-2020

It has been a long time coming but I can finally start a column by saying: “18-year-old Bryce Bass was the first competitor across the finish line in the 2020 St. Marks Duathlon.   His time of 1:02:49 put him a little more than a minute ahead of Jon Nash who crossed...

Good Things Still Happen D Yon 09-2020

​Yes, good things do still happen.  Sometimes, however, it takes awhile. Approximately 40 years ago, Ervin Holiday approached the Directors of the Sickle Cell Foundation, Inc. with the idea of holding a 5K race that would serve as a fundraiser for the Foundation.  The...

A VIEW FROM THE TOP – September 6, 2020

Heading out for the early morning run when I was struck by the little breeze bending through the trees. It happens every year. If we pay attention, we runners are so attuned to the seasons, their length and intensities, the subtle changes in wind direction that herald...

Distance Running has new meaning for Hay family

We like to talk about being family in the Tallahassee and Gulf Winds Track Club running community. This week’s column is a chance to send a first-class member of that family off to college. In the “time before the virus” a crowd of runners and friends worked their way...

GWTC – What We’re About

GWTC Members Only Discounts

The following local businesses offer discounts to members of GWTC.     10% off running shoes and apparel 1845 Thomasville Road (850) 727-8011   10% off running shoes and apparel 2743 Capital Circle NE (850) 531-9001   Best rates + 20% discount for...

GWTC What We’re About

Gulf Winds Track Club includes joggers, runners, race walkers and triathletes of all levels of ability and training, whether they participate for competition, fitness or personal social enjoyment. Our newsletters, social meetings and lecture series inform members of...

Youth Running in the Big Bend

Junior Olympians Region 4 titles 2019 H Wills

I'm guessing that because USATF Region 4 includes three states--SouthCarolina, Georgia, and Florida--the Region 4 Junior OlympicCross-Country championship is only in Florida once every three years,and between times Georgia and South Carolina get their...

The ARP Hosts the State Championships again

Brian Miller has done an outstanding job covering high school running in Tallahassee for the Tallahassee Democrat. The Timberwolves picked up a 3rd-place finish from senior Caitlin Wilkey and a 5th-place result from senior Alyson Churchill to earn another trophy. ...

Feeling blue–Ella Porcher and Junious Brown fronted Maclay to a sweep of 1A District 2 H Wills 10-2019

There were several Big Bend Schools competing in Live Oak this morningat the 2019 1A District 2 cross-country championships. If you're tiredof reading "Maclay" and "sweep" in the same sentence, this articleoffers you no relief: "Feeling blue--Ella Porcher...

After five weeks and six meets, Leon County Schools' 2019 middle school cross-country season is over. And just like each year since 2010, the season ended with the League Championship Meet at Apalachee Regional Park. When the NCAA meet comes here in 2021,...

Twilight Invitational Report Herb Wills 2019

Junious Brown, Ella Porcher, and Maclay take the brooms to Live Oak for the Twilight Invitational  Youth Running

Kyra Swart and Patrick Koon saddle up at the Mustang Stampede Cross-Country Meet Herb 2019

There are only two meets left in Leon County Schools' 2019 middle school cross-country season, the Falcon Invitational at Phipps Park on Sept. 26 and the League Championship at Apalachee Regional Park on Oct. 3. It's a six-meet season, and the fourth meet...

School Running Grant Program

School Running Grant Program

Welcome to Gulf Winds Track Club! Don’t let the name fool you – GWTC is about promoting and supporting running on the track, on the roads and on the trails.

GWTC Volunteer Spotlight

It has been said that in most non-profit organizations 10% of the members do 90% of the work.  GWTC, though a not-for-profit entity, has historically been made up of a large number of individuals who have given much back to the club and the sport that has added so much to their lives.

There is simply no disputing that GWTC ceases to exist if its volunteers suddenly disappeared.  Fortunately, that is not going to happen.  But there is always a need for new volunteers.  Yes, it is work, but it is also very rewarding.  This feature, Volunteer Spotlight, will tell the volunteer story.  Our focus will be on members who volunteer but do not get a lot of recognition. Without these volunteers, things start falling apart very quickly.

Gulf Winds Track Club continues to be volunteer-driven and volunteer-needy.

Volunteer Spotlight Burt Melaugh

Sometimes the best surprises just appear in your inbox.  Today’s race directors know just how special it is to find an email in their inbox saying “can I help somehow?”   That is exactly what happened last November when Burt Melaugh answered a desperate...

Volunteer Spotlight Killius and Good

These two dynamic women teamed up to put on the Big Bend Cares AIDS 5K in October. While working the finish line, I found out that Krista had spearheaded the run portion of the local Corporate Cup Challenge. The folks who manage that race had asked me to...

Volunteer Spotlight Droze

Judy Alexander is taking a break from the ‘Spotlight’ this month. In her place, the venerable Gary Droze has whipped up a delightful piece for you to enjoy. This modest GWTC Hall of Famer is a runner, teacher, coach and husband who volunteers thousands of...

Volunteer Spotlight Mike Boll

This month’s spotlighted volunteer is Mike Boll, who always has a smile on his face and a positive comment to make. Mike is modest about his volunteerism, but make no mistake; he is always there with a helping hand when you need him!I have been a member of...

Volunteer Spotlight – Elizabeth Stupi

Brian and I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Stupi at the pre-race pasta dinner the night before the 2010 Tallahassee Marathon (her first!) and she has continued to impress us ever since. Elizabeth showed up early for her 2-hour Springtime packet...

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