GWTC Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers Make the Ultra Go Round.

Dedicated Volunteers Make the Ultra Go Round – Ray Hanlon, Muddy Waters, Fran McLean, Martha Haynes and Mary Jean Yon

It has been said that in most non-profit organizations 10% of the members do 90% of the work.  GWTC, though a not-for-profit entity, has historically been made up of a large number of individuals who have given much back to the club and the sport that has added so much to their lives.  Gulf Winds Track Club continues to be volunteer-driven and volunteer-needy.  Your officers and board members are all volunteers, as are your race directors and those who mark the courses in the predawn darkness, tear off your bib strips and compute your results at the conclusion of the race, write articles for your newsletter, manage your web page, and any number of other things that have made GWTC the leader it is in the Tallahassee community and around the southeast U.S. We urge you to keep the tradition alive!  Take the first step in becoming a volunteer by exploring the links below.

  • Race Director Contact List — There is nothing a race director loves more than to have volunteers come forward before the arm-twisting begins!  Make a race director’s day by contacting him/her first.  This list will provide you with the names and email addresses of GWTC-sponsored race directors.

  • RaceTrak Computer Scoring System — This is for all of you closet computer geeks.  Learn how to use the automated scoring system.  It’s user friendly and fun!

  • Volunteer Spotlight — Read what volunteers have to say about their volunteer experiences. 

  • Need help finding something to do?   Email  There is a job out there for you!