GWTC Officers and Leadership

Each year GWTC elects a slate of officers and directors. Below is a list of the Board and Officers, as well as appointed officials, for 2021.  Follow the links for each individual to view his/her profile and to contact by email.  They would like to hear from you about what you expect out of GWTC in 2021.


President Mark Priddy Profile (850) 508-1961
Vice President Heather Vickers Profile (850)  264-7787
Secretary Brittney Barnes    
Treasurer Peg Griffin  Profile (850) 567-9890


Judy Alexander Profile (850) 321-6886
Charlie Johnson
Gary Johnston
Jerry McDaniel Profile  (850) 566-6068
Tom Perkins Profile (850) 264-4595
Herb Wills Profile (850) 264-3975
David Yon (850) 668-2236

Appointed Officials

Newsletter Editor* Robert Skrob Profile (850) 270-8295
Membership Chair* Tristan LaNasa    
Equipment Manager Tec Thomas Profile (850) 933-2725
Gulfwinds Triathletes President* Tina Bahmer    
*Voting Official        


Past President*

Paul Guyas Profile (850) 273-9555
*Voting Official      


School Grants Jennifer Hay and Carter Hay   (850) 294-9395  
Trail Care TBA      
Training Groups Tristan LaNasa    
Beginning Running Group Elizabeth Kamerick
Brandy Fortune

USATF Liaison Jay Silvanima Profile (850) 264-0739
Youth Council Kaari Guyas    
GWTC Race Directors* Mary Jean Yon Profile (850) 668-2236
Merchandise Laura McDermott and Sherri Wise Laura
(850) 766-3889
Social Activities* Vicky Droze Profile (850) 339-7766
Education & Lecture Series* Kat Sack    
Racing Teams Tim Unger Profile (850) 544-4563
Volunteer Coordinator Lyssa Oberkreser    
*Voting Official        


Grand Prix/Awards Committee

Chenoweth Committee