GWTC Officers and Leadership

Each year GWTC elects a slate of officers and directors. Below is a list of the Board and Officers, as well as appointed officials, for 2023.  Follow the links for each individual to view his/her profile and to contact by email.  They would like to hear from you about what you expect out of GWTC in 2023.


President Jerry McDaniel  Profile  
Vice President Jennifer Hay   (850) 294-9395
Secretary Jeanne O’Kon   (850) 264-4903
Treasurer Peg Griffin  Profile (850) 567-9890


Judy Alexander  Profile (850) 321-6886
Allen Blay    
Chris O’Kelley  Profile (850) 556-3868
Tom Perkins  Profile (850) 264-4595
Debbie Peters  Profile  
Lisa Unger   (850) 264-9615
David Yon  Profile (850) 321-8768

Appointed Officials

Newsletter Editor* Robert Skrob Profile (850) 270-8295
Membership Chair* Jo Lena Pace   (850) 544-0628
Equipment Manager Vicky Droze Profile (850) 339-7766
Gulfwinds Triathletes President* Kory Skrob   (850) 385-0001
*Voting Official        


Past President*

Mark Priddy  Profile (850) 508-1961
*Voting Official


School Grants Jennifer Hay and Carter Hay   (850) 294-9395  
Trail Care TBA      
Training Groups TBA      
Beginning Running Group Elizabeth Kamerick
Brandy Fortune

USATF Liaison Jay Silvanima Profile (850) 264-0739
GWTC Race Directors* Mary Jean Yon Profile (850) 668-2236
Merchandise Laura McDermott and Sherri Wise Laura
(850) 766-3889
Social Activities* Tina Bahmer   (307) 286-3725
Education & Lecture Series* Mark Tombrink   (850) 321-6886
Racing Teams Tim Unger Profile (850) 544-4563
Volunteer Coordinator Lyssa Oberkreser    
*Voting Official        


Chenoweth Committee

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Grand Prix/Awards Committee