Tired of the Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner?

Training Groups

Groups are great motivators to not only get people running, but to keep them running!   And runners are certainly not limited to one group.  Here are some quick facts about just a few of the running groups in this area.  Check one or more of them out.  For more information you can connect the link below or like the GWTC – Training Groups on Facebook.

David DeJesus Videos of an Evening with Jeff Galloway

GWTC Year-Round Training Groups

Winthrop Park Express – Mondays

  • Organizer or main contact: Keith Rowe
  • How to connect with group: web site: http://www.wpexpress.org. FaceBook Group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/202263663151219/
  • Main purpose or goal of program: This is a group of friends who simply love to run year round. Rain, shine, cold or hot – we are out there running almost every Monday night. We represent all age groups, experience levels and paces. We only ask that you can run more than a 5k before you come out. Other training groups will get you to 5k; we want to take you beyond that distance. Our stated objective is to get folks to run a half marathon for the first time, but many of us keep coming back after attaining that goal.
  • When and where: Monday at 6:00 p.m. at Winthrop Park
  • Typical work out. Most of the spring, summer and fall the group runs to a water stop through Betton Hills. It’s 2.6 miles out, 2.6 miles back, but you can add or deduct miles easily in that neighborhood.
  • Approximate number of people participating. Sometimes there are thirty folks, sometimes only about five. Each holiday season we run to see the Holiday Lights at Dorothy B. Oven Park which drawers upwards of forty or fifty runners and walkers.
  • Other notes: Each spring we move our group to Myers Park to support the Springtime Tallahassee Training Group. Each fall before Thanksgiving we move our group to SouthWood to support the Turkey Trout Training Group. We post any variations in start times on our FaceBook page and our web site.

Optimist Park Thursday Night Run Group

  • Organizer or main contact: Chika Okoro and Tom Biance
  • How to contact: Facebook
  • Main purpose or goal: A chance to run 3 miles through Indian Head Acres. We utilize the same course that is used for the Women’s Distance Festival and Nene Fest races. The turns are all marked. All paces are welcomed including Run/Walkers.
  • When and Where: Optimist Park on Thursdays at 6 PM
  • Number of participants: Usually 5 to 10
  • Additional information: We are a friendly group that likes to have fun and meets up for dinner several times a year at Vertigo Burger that is nearby.

GWTC Tuesday Morning Intervals

  • Organizer or main contact: Gulf Winds Track Club, Gary Droze and Bill Lott
  • How to contact: Gulf Winds Track Club website at http://www.gulfwinds.org. email: Gary Droze or Bill Lott.
  • Main purpose or goal: planned, supervised workouts for runners intent on improving in distance races.
  • Typical workout: Workout totals 3 miles, but changes each Tuesday so that runners are not doing the same workout each week. Vary from 3×1600.6×800, 4×1200 and more
  • When and where: Tuesday mornings at Maclay School Track at 6:30 a.m.
  • Number participating: 20-30
  • Additional info: Open to the public, free of charge, and to runners of all abilities. The workouts are held all year around and runners should arrive early enough to warm up before the workout starts. Water is NOT provided, and participants should bring their own. Participants should be able to run at least 3 miles at moderate pace as a minimum fitness level.

Wednesday Evening Interval Group

  • Organizer or main contact: Tristan LaNasa
  • How to contact: email: Tristan LaNasaFacebook
  • Main purpose or goal: Running Intervals for a variety of speeds and abilities -Improve 5 or 10k running times.
  • Typical work out: 3 miles of intervals on the track, with speed parts varying from 400s to 1 miles.
  • When and Where: Wednesday evenings at 6:00 p.m. (daylight savings time) or 5:30 p.m. (standard time). See the Facebook group for the time and place for that week’s training run. Rotating locations include Harriman Circle Park, Cascades Park, Lincoln High School, Godby High School.
  • Number of participants: 6 to 3 dozen.
  • Additional information: Warmup beforehand and bring your  own hydration.  

GWTC Seasonal Training Groups

Monday Night Springtime Tallahassee Training Group

  • Goal for group: Free Nine-Week Specific Training for Springtime 10K
  • Facebook
  • Duration: Approx 8 weeks; Starts February 3, 2020
  • Time: 6:00 p.m.
  • Location: Myers Park at the Picnic Pavilion overlooking the pool (904 Myers Park Drive)
  • Preparation: Please be prepared to run 2 miles at your own pace on the first day
  • Training plans: Training groups will be available for different groups based on the needs of the participants. It is expected to include groups for beginning, intermediate and advanced runners. There will be at least one Run/Walk group option available.
  • The training run will begin with a two-mile loop that all runners will run the first week. More advance runners may add on miles by running extra loop(s). Additional miles will be added as the training run progresses.
  • Helpful Hints: Be prepared to begin running at the starting time and be dressed appropriately with proper running shoes and reflective clothing. Running headlamps could be helpful as well. Running partners are encouraged, but solo runners are welcome as well.
  • Requirements: No fees. We will be training on sidewalks and on the road on portions of the actual Springtime course. All participants are responsible for their own safety. Weekly run maps will be posted to the Facebook event page. All participants who follow the program will be able to successfully complete the Springtime 10K run.
  • Participants are responsible for their own Springtime 10K entry fees and are also encouraged to join Gulf Winds Track Club.
  • Contact: Zack and Rachel Scharlepp for more info about the race.
  • Have questions about GWTC Springtime 10K Training Group 2020? Contact Tom Biance or Zack and Rachel Scharlepp

SMIRF (Summer Mornings Include Running Fun) North Cross Country Program

  • Organizer or main contact:Toni McDonald (City of Tallahassee Parks & Rec), 891‐3825, mailto:Toni.McDonald@talgov.com; David Yon (GWTC), – david@radeylaw.com or 850-321-8768
  • Main purpose or goal: The purpose of this program, sponsored by the City of Tallahassee Parks and Recreation Department in cooperation with Gulf Winds Track Club, is to provide runners aged 8 and up (emphasis on middle school/prep distance runners) with an off-season summer time venue to gain introduction to the sport of distance running as well as to offer a setting for those competitive runners to perfect their running skills and endurance.
  • When and Where: Elinor-Klapp Phipps Park, June 1 – July 30, 2021
  • Number of participants: 15-30 runners of varying skill levels per day
  • Additional Information and Registration – RunSignup

GWTC Beginning Running Group

  • Organizer or main contact:  Chika Okoro and Sarah Thompson
  • How to contact:  gwtc_coaches@yahoo.com
  • Main purpose or goal: To prepare the beginning or returning runner to complete a 5K (3.1 mile), either using a run-walk-run method or by continuous running
  • Start Date: Fall 2020
  • Duration: We will meet as a group each Wednesday through TBA.
  • Time: 6:00 p.m.
  • LocationFSU Track, corner of Spirit Way & Chieftan Way
  • WhoEveryone is welcome! We’ll start with the mile then gradually increase the goal distance each week.
  • 3 Groups each week
    • Run-Walk Only Group: Starting with 1-mile distance, these runners complete the goal distance each week using a set ratio (e.g. 1:1), which doesn’t change from week to week.
    • Run-Walk-Run Group: Starting with 1-mile distance, these runners gradually increase run-walk ratio and distance each week to progress towards continuously running 3 miles by the 8th week.
    • Running Only Group: Starting with a 1-mile run in Week 1, these runners progress towards running 3 miles continuously with little to no walking by the 8th week.
  • Note – Participants under age 14 must be accompanied on all runs by an adult.
  • Register: Register and sign waiver on RunSignUp
  • Training Plans – TBA
  • 10 minute After Workout Stretching Routine. Free Online Flexibility Video
  • For more information email gwtc_coaches@yahoo.com

Turkey Trot Training Groups

  • Organizer or main contact: Thomas Biance and David Yon. Special thanks to Trail and Ski Shop for their help, including leading the 8, 10 and 12 minute running groups. Keith Rowe and the Winthrop Park Express have promised to join this group as well to make sure no one gets lost or has to run alone. A mighty thanks to this outstanding group.
  • How to contact: Facebook pages: GWTC Training Groups;Thomas Biance; David Yon
  • When and Where: The Turkey Trot training group will meet each Thursday beginning TBA.  group will meet at 6:00 p.m., at the Kinetix Health Club at Southwoood.
  • Main purpose or goal: GWTC and Trail and Ski will work with runnners to help them prepare for the Tallahassee Turkey Trot. There will be pace leaders for running groups and there will be at least 1 Run/Walk group.  Cadence Running powered by Trail and Ski will help provide pacers for the group. The goal is to have at least three groups going at different paces.This will be a great way to familiarize one’s self with the course. All participants are expected to be able to run 2 miles on the first week.  The distance will be increased each week as we run different parts of the Turkey Trot race courses. The group is free although we would recommend that you become a member of Gulf Winds Track Club.  A waiver will need to be completed at RunSignup in order to participate.

 Non-GWTC Affiliated Seasonal Training Groups

Sunday at Forest Meadows

  • Organizer or main contact: Unorganized. David Yon or Felton Wright
  • How to contact: email: David YonFelton WrightMary Jean Yon
  • Main purpose or goal: Medium to long run.
  • Typical work out: Group 1 5-6 miles, 10 minute pace, some walking. Group 2 10 miles at 8:00 minute pace. A lot of variation though
  • When and Where: Start at Forest Meadows Tennis Club 4750 N. Meridian Rd. 7:30 a.m. on Sunday
  • Number of participants: Group 1 – 4-6. Group 2 3-8
  • Additional information: Run is mostly trails on Lake Overstreet Property, Maclay Gardens and the Phipps Park Property. Runners should either have a state park pass or contribute $2 to run around Lake Overstreet and Maclay Gardens.

Imitation Adults

  • Organizer or main contact: Jay Silvanima and Nancy Stedman
  • How to contact: Facebook.
  • Main purpose or goal: Long run support for those doing near marathon training distance and longer
  • Typical work out: Everybody does whatever they need to do according to their training program. We don’t run as a pack and there is no set pace, which allows for a wide variety of runners.
  • When and Where: Sunday mornings, usually at 7:30. Where is announced each week on Facebook and GWTC list serve.
  • Number of participants: Typically 15 – 30 people show up on Sunday mornings
  • Additional information: We usually have a team or two at the local races that do the team thing.


  • Organizer or main contact: Worth Corn and Erik Davis
  • How to contact: Facebook ; http://www.workaddicts.net
  • Main purpose or goal: To push and support others into reaching their goals and/or striving for goals they never thought possible, whether it’s on the run, the bike, in the pool, etc. All paces and levels are welcomed, including Beginners and Run/Walkers.
  • When and Where: Mondays and Thursdays at 6 p.m. at Capital City Runners (Midtown). Many Sundays, location varies (announced in Facebook  group). Other times/days/disciplines as well, as announced on Facebook.
  • Number of participants: Usually 5 to 15 for runs. Other disciplines may vary.
  • Additional information: workaddict(s) started as a community with a focus of encouraging and enabling individuals at various points of the fitness spectrum to achieve their goals. That community has become a family of folks who push each other, support each other, and celebrate each other’s successes as much as their own.