The Prez Sez – Goodby to Friends


Felton Wright,

This month Gulf Winds will see two of its members move to Houston, Texas. These two members have contributed enormously to our club with their leadership, service and goodwill. We say a fond farewell to Judy Alexander and Brian Corbin as they accept expanded roles with their company. Judy and Brian just relinquished their roles as Race Directors of Springtime 10k and the Tannenbaum 6k. They have also served previously as RD’s of the Tallahassee 10 mile/5mile challenge. Individually and together they have volunteered at most GWTC races and many non-GWTC races. Judy served as President of GWTC for 4 years overseeing a period of tremendous growth. Brian is a member of the board. Under Brian’s vision and leadership working with FSU and the County, the Apalachee Regional Park (ARP) came to life. If any long term Gulf Winds member looks into their closet they will realize that Brain and Judy are responsible for most of the florescent colored race shirts in there. On behalf of Gulf Winds, thank you for all you have done!

This month the 8 week Gulf Winds Trailblazer program starts and 75 members signed up the first week. Once a week the Trailblazers meet at a different Tallahassee trails for organized runs with members of various speeds welcome. This is open to any Gulf Wind’s member at no charge. Take a look at the schedule on our website. If there is a trail in “Trailahassee” that you are not familiar with, this is an excellent way to receive a guided tour. Another way is with Gulf Wind’s inaugural series of 4 trail races to be held this summer on different venues. This new series is the brainchild Bobby York and will offer a great way to race in the shade and provide ideal traffic control.

If you are more interested in racing on the roads, now is the time. A quick look at our websites race calendar shows April has 3 weekends where there are more than 7 races each weekend. May has 2 weekends with 4 races. Go out and enjoy our spring weather!

I am delighted to report that the club is able to continue to attract volunteers to step up and volunteer for positions that become vacant. Sean and Amanda Hudson have agreed to take over as directors of the Springtime 10k. Tony Guillen and Nancy Steadman have agreed to replace Brian and Judy’s GWTC board vacancies. Paul Guyas has agreed to take over as the lecture series coordinator. Please give them your support.

Run fast, run safe.