April – Still Moving Forward

The Prez, Felton Wright

This month the GWTC board started a new program to consolidate most of our Gulf Winds club races and membership with one online vendor over the next 2 years year. (Eventbrite) This will provide several benefits to the club. The primary one is that is easier for the race director, the membership chair, and the treasurer if they do not have to process as many checks. (We go through about 20,000 checks per year without online registration) The other benefit is that by consolidating these with one vendor, GWTC has been able to get a better rate. Reducing the paperwork burden also improves our accountability and business practices. I would ask that if it makes no difference to you, consider registering on line when you can for club races. It will make it easier on many of the club volunteers and in many cases it will be cheaper for you. With one vendor, you will not have to keep inputting all your data multiple times. For those of us that procrastinate, you can still register with paper for most of our events. (Yes, I was one that procrastinated and did not get into this year’s 1/2 marathon.)
We need to give a big thank you to John McCoy for updating our search capability of over 240,000 individual GWTC race results. Take a look at our web page to see how this new search works. To put this in perspective, you cannot search the Boston marathon results prior to 1990, yet we have Palace Saloon results from the 70s. Thank you John!

Continuing on the topic of technology, download the new free mobile app, “TallyParks” Developed by the city of Tallahassee. This free app features maps of all current as well as some future city parks and trails. This is a great resource to discover new running trails or further explore your favorites. Also in the past month the new Cascades Park has opened featuring GWTC mile markers every ½ mile all certified by Bill McGuire. In addition the new sky bridge over the railroad tracks at Lake Lafayette is available to bike or run on. I am sure Dana Stetson will be the first to have a race go to the top.

April is always a great time to race in Tallahassee. There is something on the calendar for everyone. Where else can you choose from the Palace Saloon 5k, the Krispy Kreme Challenge or the Worm Grunter’s 5k in the same month? Have fun!
Run fast, run safe!