2022 GWTC Female Runner of the Year – Katie Sherron

Written and presented by Tom Perkins
January 8, 2023

A few years ago, at the Breakfast on the Track Mile Race, Bill Lott, Felton Wright and I were talking about starting a betting pool. A female runner had registered for the race late Friday. Normally this would not be notable except this runner was 9 months pregnant. We were taking bets with each other as to which lap of the track she would go into labor. I picked the second lap. Unbeknown to us, she went into labor late Friday night and delivered on that Saturday of the BOT.

The reason I shared that with you is that it showed her dedication for running.

This last year at Breakfast On the Track we had another notable incident. The husband of the ROTY came across the finish line fist pumping in the air because he beat our FROTY 5:04 to her 5:06. However short lived it was, he was king of the castle for that day.

In December of 2021 she won the USATF Club XC Women’s Master 6K in a time of 22:08 beating some of the best runners in the country. I believe this was the springboard back into competitive running that started her dominance this year.

In 2022, she placed 1st in 8 races locally. Below are a few of those races:

Springtime Tallahassee 10K 37:01 (5:57)
Palace Saloon 5K 7:39 (5:40)
GWTC 10 mile 1:01 (6:36)
Miller Landing Madness 8K 30:51 (6:13)

It is with great pleasure I ask you to welcome the 2022 Female Runner of the Year

Katie Sherron