A Conversation with Sheryl Rosen and Michael Martinez

David Yon


It was a unique moment in time, one that will probably never happen again. On the morning of January 13, 2007, two runners fought to a virtual tie at the GWTC 30K. Mike Martinez edged Sheryl Rosen, but it was so close they got the same time. What made this moment so unique, and what neither of them knew at the time, was that later that night they would be named the GWTC Male and Female Runner of the Year. So here is a side by side look at them.

DY: What were your expectations for running going into the 2006 year?

SR: My expectations were to enjoy running in the wonderful Florida weather again.

MM: I was hoping to be in contention for the Grand Prix but I was sick over the holidays and started off with less base mileage than I wanted.

DY: What was your favorite race of the Year?

SR: My favorite race was the Pine Run 20K. Challenging hills, ever-changing terrain, a beautiful (although cold) morning, and a PR made it memorable.

MM: The Pine Run.

DY: What race would you consider your best performance?

SR: My best performance was at the Jacksonville Marathon. (3:01:04)

MM: It would have to be the Turkey Trot 10k. I ran a p.r. (34:45) and I could see Gary Droze throughout the race!

DY: So, what does it mean to be Runner of the Year?

SR: I am still so happy the club was inviting and friendly from my first week in town that being named Runner of the Year is a wonderful bonus.

MM: To me it’s a great honor to be included in a group of runners who have accomplished so much.

DY: How long have you been running?

SR: I’ve been running for nearly 6 years.

MM: As long as I can remember but I have had long stretches of time when I didn’t run.

DY: What other competitive running have you done? (High school or college?)

SR: I ran cross country in 12th grade for Marianna High.

MM: I ran the mile in junior high with a best placing of 4th.

DY: What is a typical week of training for you?

SR: Long run Sunday. Track workout Tuesday. Easy to medium runs on 3 other days.
MM: 60-70 miles at a 9-11 per mile pace on trails including one long run of 20 miles. 20 minute tempo runs on the treadmill at 10 miles per hour and weight lifting 2 times per week.

DY: How long have you been part of GWTC? What do you like best about membership?

SR: I joined in April 2006. The best part about being a member is feeling the camaraderie of the other runners.

MM: I joined the club in the early 90’s.

DY: How long have you been part of GWTC? What do you like best about membership?

SR: My biggest competitors were probably Tony Guillen and Mike Martinez.
MM: I would have to list Jay Wallace and Carl Nordhielm.

DY: What is your favorite non-running GWTC event?

SR: (No response)

MM: Eating after the Pot Luck Bash

DY: What are your goals for 2007?

SR: My goal is to run under 3 hours at the Boston Marathon — or to do so at a fall marathon if I don’t achieve that time at Boston. I’d also like to PR in the half marathon and 15K.
MM: 1 mile 4:45, 5k sub 17:00 and to try a team event