A History of the Tom Brown Bash

Race Director: Lee Cohee 1977 – 1981

June 27, 1977 – Lee moved to Tallahassee in 1976 and had an immediate impact on the running community. When he decided to start this event he envisioned large groups of runners bounding over the open field and down rugged trails, much like our hashers. And so the he came up with the name Tom Brown Bash 5 Miler. The first annual Bash was advertised as a Peachtree Tune-up which was to be held only nine days later. Lee also instituted a 3 Mile Novice course (9 finishers) for the faint of heart. The Novice started at 8:30 and the Bash at 9:00. The start and finish was at Lincoln High School and was an out and back course with 2 miles off road. Medals and certificates were given as awards.

Male Bash		Female Bash		Male Novice	Female Novice
Ken Misner, 27:04	Janice Gage, 31:15			Pam House, 22:26
Tim Simpkins, 27:34	Lisa Kinch, 34:09
Felton Wright, 27:42	Laura Ledbetter, 34:45

June 17, 1978 – The race was advertised as a no-frills event. It was reported that the entry fee was $1.00, or $.50 for GWTC members. A keg was reserved for the entrants at 1 pm at the Palace Saloon where certificates were awarded. A smaller crowd then the first year was due to the popular 5 Mile Peanut Run being held in Plains, GA, that same day. The totals were 84 Bashers and 31 in the Novice. An interesting note: Mike Caldwell , for which the GWTC Michael Caldwell Advancement of the Sport award is named, finished third. Also of note: appearing in the Democrat next to an abbreviated report of the Bash race results was an article that read, “Herb Wills, running his first race since suffering an injury after the regional high school meet this spring, turning in a 9:37.9 time Saturday to win the two-mile run at the Florida State AAU meet held in Orlando.”

Male Bash		Female Bash		Male Novice		Female Novice
Ray Wunderlich, 26:34	Laura Ledbetter, 31:12	John de Grummond, 19:23	Nancy Smith, 32:12
Felton Wright		Pam Ledbetter, 32:58
Mike Caldwell		Lisa Kinch, 33:37

June 16, 1979 – The field consisted of 71 men and 9 women for the Bash and 21 men and 8 women for the Novice. Tec Thomas and Mark Herman, both future race directors of this event, battle it out in the 25-29 age group. Tec takes first place while Mark fades to finish four spots behind.

Male Bash		Female Bash		Male Novice		Female Novice
David Terrell, 27:07	Donna Glotzbach, 32:30	Steven Cohen, 19:26	Helen Means, 24:48
Steve Ray, 27:23	Betty Ely, 34:07	Bill Kersberger, 19:27	Nancy Bell, 25:24
Bill McGuire, 28:05	Connie Conroy, 35:56	Paul Armor, 20:28	Helen Mabe, 27:14

June 21, 1980 – This race had perhaps the lowest turnout and highest temperatures of its long history. The field consisted of 55 men and 6 women for the Bash and 4 men and 1 woman for the Novice. An article in the Phidippides Newsletter indicated that the awards were a huge pewter mug. An interesting note: Bart Mears who finished 2nd in this year’s event died while competing in a GWTC track event held in 1985. Another familiar name, Karl Hempel, finished 5th overall in a time of 29:54.

Male Bash		Female Bash		Male Novice		Female Novice
Dave Sheffield, 28:00	Dara Houliston, 34:39	Wayne Bombard, 19:07	Julie Quebbeman, 24:34
Bart Mears, 28:48	Janice Yecco, 37:16	Bob Herring, 20.32
Bill McGuire, 29:12	Robyn Grady, 37:55	Dick Warfel, 24:21

June 27, 1981 – This race was to be Lee’s last year as director. For this year the Bash got a new name, some minor course changes and for the first time top quality T-shirts were awarded to all participants. The race was named the Wild Hair Chase in honor of the co-sponsor, The Hairsmith (who paid for the T-shirts). First place winners received a $25 certificate from The Hairsmith. The top five male and female finishers received beautiful tankards. Recycled Bicycles threw in frisbees for all runners. The Wild Hare Chase attracted 75 runners. The Novice event was dropped.

Male Bash		Female Bash
Bob Braman, 26:20	Laura Ledbetter, 32:11
George West, 26:50	Gale Grant, 33:21
Mike Sauter, 27:10	Dara Houliston, 34:16
Andrew Wills, 27:48
Dan Sauers, 27:59

* A special recognition is made for Andy “Limebag” Burns for marking the course during Lee’s reign as director.

 Race Director: Tec Thomas 1982 – 1987

June 26, 1982 – Tec Thomas of Recycled Bicycles, now Tec’s Pro Shop, debuted as the new race director. The race still started and finished at the high school, had a 9:30 start time, and a $2 entry fee. Instead of overall or age group awards, a drawing was held for a $150 bicycle. No results for this years event have been located, but it has been reported that Dan Sauers, who now lives in New Zealand, was the first finisher. Dan finished 5th overall the previous year.

Male Bash		Female Bash
Dan Sauers, 28:32

June, 1983 – The was race held sometime in June. This was a record year for attendance with 112 finishers.

Male Bash		Female Bash
Rick Miller, 26:45	Donna Miller, 32:48
Paul Hodge, 27:19	Janice Hochstein, 33:19
Jeff Doherty, 27:33	Cheryl Jennings, 34:49
Dan Sauers, 28:10	Gail Reinertsen, 36:00
Larry Abele, 28:24	Dot Skofronick, 36:42

June 30, 1984 -This year set another attendance record with 114 runners. Tec moved the start/finish from the High School to the Elementary School and made some other course modifications that included the now infamous short, steep hill that runners faced as they exited the woods. The course was now an out-and-back with one loop that was about half cross country, half pavement. It rained at the end of the race this year so the cover provided at the new staging area came in handy. It was reported that the event made a profit of $66. Not only did Tec direct the race, but he also ran it finishing 12th overall in a time of 29:38. Tec would have done better but according to Bill McGuire he went off course three times. Twice he overtook Bill after he corrected himself, but could not catch Bill a third time.

Male Bash		Female Bash
Paul Waldron, 25:17	Barbera Blazer, 31:52
Karl Hempel, 27:48	Patti Sudduth, 32:22
Felton Wright, 28:03	Cheryl Jennings, 34:21
Larry Giunipero, 28:10	Michelle Jernigan, 34:37
Dan Sauers, 29:10	Debbie Moore, 34:59

September 7, 1985 -The ninth annual running of the Bash was moved from the month of June to coincide with Labor Day weekend. The move in dates did not bring cooler weather – it was still hot, humid and hilly. The Fleet Foot reported that the race has continued the bash tradition of small field, low entry fees, merchandise awards and no T-shirts. For finish cards, Tec used tongue depressors. Just like results today, there were many that did not turn in their tongue depressor.

Male Bash		Female Bash
Paul Waldron, 25:37	Darien Andreu, 32:57
Tom Sweirsz, 27:02	Patti Sudduth, 34:42
Tim Simpkins, 27:12	Mae Cleveland, 36:48
Jeff Dougherty, 27:22	Donna Miller, 37:31
Steven Barraco, 27:43	Joy Flom, 38:23

September 6, 1986 – This became the break-out year for the Bash as this popular summer event attracted 169 participants (45% more participants than it ever did before). A drawing for a bike provided by Tecs Pro Shop was won by Jim Joanos.

Male Bash		Female Bash
David Keen, 26:20	Lynn Russell, 31:43
Jacob Hoesly, 26:53	Michelle Farrell, 31:48
Randy Jorden, 27:01	Janice Hochstein, 32:39
Howard Jacobs, 27:14	Carrie Boyd, 32:44
Bill Crooks, 27:22	Tina Davies, 33:54

September 12 1987- A rain storm caused a delay in the start of the race and perhaps was the cause for the low turnout. The off road portion of the course had to be re-routed at the last minute to avoid ponding water. This year had cooler temperatures than previous years, which yielded faster times. Some called the battle for first the most exciting race they have watched as Jesse Close and Rick Miller changed lead several times. Tec again offered a drawing for a bike and accessories in place of awards.

Male Bash		Female Bash
Jesse Close, 25:59	Janice Hochstein, 33:13
Rick Miller, 26:03	Robin Tanner, 34:08
Tom Swiersz, 26:48	Donna Miller, 34:28
Tom Burr, 27:21		Missy James, 34:41
Jeff Anspach, 27:45	Cheryl Jennings

Race Director: Tim Kelly 1988

September 6, 1988 – Good weather and being a Grand Prix, the field again swelled to 166 runners. The editor of Fleet Foot, Rex Cleveland, wrote “You Bashers owe a big thank you to Tim Kelly and crew for stepping in at the eleventh hour to take charge of the Bash when race director Tec Thomas had to bow out. Helping out were Michael Stokes, Bonnie Wright, Mary Gordon, Gregg Patterson, Judy Kelly, Alicia White, Rick & Donna Miller, and Lynn Martin.”

Male Bash		Female Bash
Tim Simpkins, 26:29	Missy James, 34:20
Noel Shumann, 28:00	Robin Tanner, 35:08
Tom Swiersz, 28:12	Kim Huffman, 35:13
Tom Burr, 28:12		Lynn Mendoza, 36:15
TC Carroll, 28:33	Gail Reinertsen, 36:22

Race Director: Tec Thomas 1989

September 9, 1989 – Tec returned for one more year at directing the Bash. The weather was reported as traditional: Hot and Humid. Another attendance record was set with 212 runners finishing the Bash, which still stands today. The only finish times available are for the top male and female finishers. It was reported that there were no toilet facilities at the start of the race. As the runners took off up the road at the start, the port-a-lets were coming down the road – just a little too late.

Male Bash		Female Bash
Gary Droze, 27:07	Barbara Blazer, 34:37
Steve Carney		Yvonne Gsteiger
Bill Crooks		Mary Jean Yon
Felton Wright		Linda Sharer
Paul Hoover		Fran McLean

Race Director: Jodie Carney 1990

September 8, 1990 – The turn-out for this year’s event was 172 runners. This year was said to have had the most interesting awards for any race. The awards to the top age group finishers were handmade art pieces. Each individual art piece had a wood base and used pipe cleaners shaped to a likeness of a runner on a wooded path.

Male Bash		Female Bash
Bill Crooks, 27:32	Donna Miller, 33:26
David Keen, 27:43	Tina Davies, 34:46
Paul Hoover, 27:55	Carrie Hunnicutt, 34:57
Bill McGuire, 28:11	Jane Henderson, 35:17
Patrick Culcutt, 28:16	Sissi Carroll, 35:27

Race Director: Ray Hanlon 1991

September 7, 1991 – Ray Hanlon, then President of GWTC, stepped forward to direct this year’s event. Ray reported 166 registered runners and 165 finishers. The entry fee was $3 and the race also received a $17 contribution from Bob Campbell. T-shirts were given as awards. The weather was reported as hot, sunny and humid – what a surprise…….This is the first race Bill Lott came out to volunteer and has been a regular at the finish line of our local races every since.

Male Bash		Female Bash
Jesse Close, 25:50	Paula Johnson, 33:22
Gary Droze, 26:29	Tina Davies, 33:36
Myles Gibson, 28:08	Mary Jean Yon, 34:21
Rick Miller, 28:24	Lynda Nilges, 34:31
Bill McGuire, 28:32	Kathy Weiss, 36:30

Race Director: Mark Herman 1992 – 1996

September 5, 1992 – Mark’s first act as new director was to move the start/finish area up to the field next to the little league field (where a soccer field is now located). The new course was a double 2.5 mile loop that was at least 70% off road. Runners were introduced to the short steep climb out of the picnic area near the end of each loop. It seemed that it rained each year that Mark directed this race and it actually became a draw to run a wet and sloppy off road race. Many of these years the registration was done in the baseball field dug-out to get out of the weather. 163 Bashers came out in 1992 to brave the rain and test out Mark’s new course.

Male Bash		Female Bash
Gary Droze, 25:09	Lynda Nilges, 30:34
Jessie Close, 25:23	Carrie Hunnicutt, 30:39
Phillip Rowan, 27:28	Jodi Carney, 33:04
Paul Hoover, 27:28	Sissi Carroll, 33:19
Karl Hempel, 28:01	Nicki Ivy, 33:52

September 4, 1993 – It was reported that the weather was hotter and more miserable than can be recalled for any other Bash. From the Fleet Foot a lead group of 5 or 6 runners went of course early and had to double back and then overtake most of the field before regaining the lead. Paul Hoover had a big lead until the error was discovered. Sportsbeat provided certificates as awards and other certificates were given out in random drawings.

Male Bash		Female Bash
Kiko Cintron, 29:18	Carrie Weyant, 33:13
Paul Hoover, 29:25	Sissi Carroll, 36:02
Steve Carney, 30:09	Kathy Weiss, 36:48
Bill McGuire, 30:20	Peggy Simpson, 37:09
Jeff Neilson, 30:32	Malissa Auker, 37:36

September 3, 1994 – The course required some last minute changes to due the rain earlier in the week and the rising Lake Lafayette. The long missing shorter version of the Bash was brought back this year as a one lap, 2.5 mile course. It was thought that only a small group would enter the chute after the first lap, but it seemed many youths and adults alike concluded that one lap was enough. The totals were 122 Bashers and 49 2.5 Milers.

Male Bash		Female Bash		Male 2.5 Miler		Female 2.5 Miler
Gary Droze, 27:00	Jane Johnson, 31:34	Brett Porter, 13:46	Lily Keller, 19:30
Tim Simpkins, 28:31	Carrie Weyant, 33:16	Anthony Williams, 14:22	Erin McGee, 19:37
Paul Hoover, 28:51	Sissi Carroll,, 35:31	Matt Stewart, 15:15	Allie Hunter, 19:38
Reid Montini, 29:04	Peggy Simpson, 36:18	Ryan Luther, 15:51	Heidi Henderson, 19:40
Bill McGuire, 29:47	Mary Jean Yon, 37:33	Justin Hunsucker, 16:31	Roberta Roberts, 19:41

September 2, 1995 – The awards were again certificates from Sports Beat. 24 year old John Otterson turns in an outstanding 2.5 mile run in a time that no one has come even close to matching. The totals were 127 Bashers and 30 2.5 Milers.

Male Bash		Female Bash		Male 2.5 Miler		Female 2.5 Miler
Gary Droze, 26:20	Jane Johnson, 29:56	John Otterson, 13:09	Ann Simpson, 20:17
Tim Simpkins, 27:45	Lisa Herman, 30:05	Justin Andrews, 15:20	Jamie Ostrov, 22:10
Jason Recio, 27:58	Carrie Weyant, 32:24	Thure Caire, 16:25	Kit Foss, 22:15
David Ogletree, 28:22	Nancy Stuparich, 35:06	Ryan Deak, 16:35	Keisey, Cacace, 22:42
Bill Crooks, 28:31	Sissi Carroll, 35:57	Aaron Marchall, 17:23	Skyler Perkins, 23:13

August 31, 1996 – An inch of rain the night before made the course wet and sloppy and as Mark described it more enjoyable for the muddlers among us. 84 Bashers and 39 2.5 Milers braved the rain that continued that morning to run what has been called the best Bash ever. It seems the worse the conditions, the more the hard core Bashers like it.

Male Bash		Female Bash		Male 2.5 Miler		Female 2.5 Miler
Gary Droze, 27:12	Jane Johnson, 31:06	Thure Caire, 14:49	Elizabeth Wester, 18:25
Juan Gautier, 28:32	Paula Johnson, 32:37	Ryan Luther, 14:55	Molly Hull, 18:53
Doug Gorton, 29:24	Erica Marra, 35:58	Robbie Hall, 15:10	Janelle Edwards. 18:57
Jeff Nielsen, 29:37	Mary Jean Yon, 36:27	Justin Andrews, 15:41	Jordan Baker, 19:12
James Ford, 29:57	Fran McLean, 36:33	Josh Connor, 16:07	Kara Newell, 1949

Race Director: Paul Hiers 1997 – 1999

August 30, 1997 – In Paul’s first year as director, course changes were again required due to the fencing off of part of the route and the pipe line construction that began the week before the race. This year the race finished as well as started in the soccer field. The asphalt road coming up out of the picnic area was replaced with a switch back up the open grass field which made the course 99% off-road. Some said it was a little harder, others liked it. T-shirts were offered this year for only the third time in race history. There were only 100 shirts available and they went very fast. For the first time the 2.5 Milers outnumbered the Bashers, 139 to 137, for a total of 276 runners. Another first was the use of race numbers that were necessary to keep track of which race the runner was participating in. Gary Droze ran away from the field in a record setting time.

Male Bash		Female Bash		Male 2.5 Miler		Female 2.5 Miler
Gary Droze, 26:51	Sarah Williams, 31:41	Thure Caire, 14:13	Kara Newell, 17:29
Bill Crooks, 29:06	Jane Johnson, 31:52	Caleb Connor, 14:21	Elizabeth Wester, 18:00
Matt Umholtz, 29:07	Carrie Weyant, 34:16	Justin Andrews, 14:30	Ra Teagle, 18:20
Tim Simpkins, 29:44	Peggy Simpson, 36:38	Josh Connor, 14:40	Lilly Keller, 18:38
Jeff Neilsen, 30:10	Sissi Carroll, 38:07	Ryan Luther, 15:15	Alesha Irvin, 18:48

September 5, 1998 – Although the race course remained the same as 1997, Paul moved the start/finish to the bottom of the hill next to the large pavilion. The race now began with a half mile charge up the hill. The slight course change must have been confusing to some as several runners went off course. Two of these runners did not correct themselves and were later disqualified. The 2.5 Miler was promoted as a tune-up to the upcoming cross country season. Five high schools brought their teams to compete for the trophies. The top five male and female 2.5 Miler finishers turned in very fast times. Maclay won both the male and female team competition. Each first place age group Bashers received two AMC movie tickets. The totals were 84 Bashers and 98 2.5 Milers

Male Bash		Female Bash		Male 2.5 Miler		Female 2.5 Miler
Gary Droze, 27:41	Jane Johnson, 31:46	Calieb Connor, 13:37	Elizabeth Wester, 15:53
Doug Gorton, 30:04	Vikki Saga, 34:13	Josh Connor, 13:41	Kara Newell, 16:10
Tim Unger, 30:08	Julie Clark, 36:28	Bryan Hendricks, 13:42	Anne Johansen, 17:07
Karl Hempel, 30:16	Victoria Galano, 36:35	Justin Andrews, 13:43	Nicole Posey, 17:09
Jeff Neilsen, 30:26	Jennifer Posch, 36:36	Taylor Drake, 13:48	Rachel Home, 17:37

September 4, 1999 – Gary Droze has continued to own this event in the 90’s having finished first seven times (2 years he did not run and once he came in a close 2nd). The high school teams returned in force to compete for trophies once again. This time it was the front runner of the 2.5 miler that went off course. He apparently had a considerable lead but did not hear the instructions to cut to the left to the 2.5 Miler finish and so he kept going with the Bashers. He did not realize his mistake until he reached the 3 mile mark. Movie tickets were again given to the Bash age group winners. The totals were 134 Bashers, 96 2.5 Milers

Male Bash		Female Bash		  Male 2.5 Miler	 Female 2.5 Miler
Gary Droze, 27:17	Sarah Williams, 30:57	  Bryan Hendricks, 13:34 Nikia Gibson, 16:58
Robert Pautienus. 28:33	Jane Johnson, 31:03	  Charles Wright, 14:03	 Brie Allaman, 17:22
Chris Fussell, 28:56	Julie Clark, 34:57	  Phillip Perry, 14:04	 Birdette Hughley, 17:34
Corey Cherr, 28:59	Kingsley Broughton, 35:13 Jamaal Wilson, 14:09	 Dara Wise, 17:34
Tim Unger, 29:29	Donna Whitworth, 35:48	  Dusty Metz, 14:10	 Christy Cooper, 17:35

September 2, 2000 – The heavy rains that fell the night before the race kept the dust down on the dirt roads but made for some slippery footing on the trails. For the third straight year the course required modifications. Feed on the new course was positive and no one went off-course, not even Mike LaBossiere. The shorter course was lengthened to 3 miles. The highschool participants dropped in numbers this year but still provided outstanding and gutsy performances. In addition to the movie tickets and B Merrel gift certificates that was given as rewards, a drawing was held for a mountain bike from Tec’s. Florida High swept the 3 mile overall and team competition. The totals were 141 Bashers and 84 3-Milers.

Male Bash		Female Bash		  Male 3 Miler	 	 Female 3 Miler
Dave Guerra, 27:11	Sarah Williams, 31:18	  Thomas Kunish, 16:05  Laura Slyck, 19:47
Pat Marshall. 27:14	Jane Johnson, 31:46	  Thomas Barcus, 16:43	 Christy Cooper, 20:10
Gary Droze, 27:23	Angela Dempsey, 34:27	  Alex Rivera, 17:01	 Megal Atias, 21:02
Tim Unger, 29:00	Julie Clark, 35:06	  Jason Heinze, 17:16	 Helene Vilme, 21:05
Tim Simpkins, 29:01	Carrie Weyant, 36:06	  John Allaman, 17:18	 Amy Coburn, 21:27

August 25, 2001 – This year the course and the awards remained unchanged. The Maclay male and female teams finished first in the 3 mile team competition. The total participants were 83 Bashers and 85 3-Milers

Male Bash		Female Bash		  Male 3 Miler	 	 	Female 3 Miler
Mike LaBossiere, 33:26	Jane Johnson, 32:41	  Scott Poindexter, 16:20  	Allie Hunter, 19:27
Jeff Bryan, 33:46	Kate Remillard, 33:43	  Brennon Clayton, 17:35	Renata Stravoka, 20:00
Paul Guimont, 33:49	Julie Clark, 36:25	  Ryan Deak, 17:36	 	Helene Vilme, 20:36
Earnest Levins, 34:49	Mary Jean Yon, 38:05	  Brandon Harris, 17:38	Lara Hawkes, 21:02
Jeff Kuperberg, 35:36	Vicky Droze, 39:32	  Alex Brickler, 17:41	 	Molly Drake, 21:37

August 31, 2002 – To avoid traffic around the soccer fields and an out-of-service bridge, the course was modified once again. Over 100 cones were used to mark the course. Just after the conclusion of the races the sky opened up and down poured the rain. The large pavilion kept everyone dry for the handing out of the awards. For the second year in a row the Bash was down in numbers, while the 3-miler had an impressive turnout. 17 yr. old Ryan Deak managed to win the Bash with one of the fastest times in recent years even though he mistakenly turned toward the 3-mile finish and had to back-track. The 3-Miler also produced some very fast times with a spectacular finishes. The female Maclay team and the male Timberwolves team took the top honors in the 3 mile team competition. The total participants were 63 Bashers and 155 3-Milers.

Male Bash		Female Bash		  Male 3 Miler	 	 	Female 3 Miler
Ryan Deak, 26:59	Sarah Williams, 31:39	  Herbie Thiele, 15:55  	Jennifer Emo, 19:15
Wayne Johnson, 27:57	Julie Clark, 37:37	  Alex Miletich, 15:56		Daniel Bass, 19:26
Nathan Timm, 28:46	Jennifer Kilinski, 38:50 Stephan Smith, 16:00	 	Allie Hunter, 19:50
Tony Pearceson, 29:24	Amy Coburn, 40:28	  John Hollingsworth, 16:21	Abbie Day, 19:51
Dwyane Greene, 30:41	Katie Mcfall, 41:28	  Brennon Clayton, 16:27 	Karla Savery, 19:54