Business Meeting, August 9, 2000 Home of Paul & Gena Hiers

Board Members Present: Paul Hiers, Lynn Powel, Cynthia Christen, Mae Cleveland, Rex Cleveland, Bob Prentiss, David Yon, Julie Clark

Paul Hiers, President, called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.

Minutes from the July meeting were distributed and accepted with corrections.

There was discussion about Chiles High School hosting an event for U.S.

High School Track & Field Series called the Capital City Track meet. They are requesting volunteers from GWTC and also sponsorship. There are several levels of sponsorship. It was discussed that a tent sponsor ($500) would be the most appropriate. The event will be on April 7th, 2001. Discussion tabled until after financial report.

Bob Prentiss asked about membership giveaways. Tabled until next meeting.

The next fundraiser for the Chenoweth Committee will be the Wilderness Run. The Chenoweth will receive entry fee from the first 100 entries and 50% of the rest.

Eric Richardson made it to the finals and placed 8th in the finals.

Passed a motion to donate $500 from Chenoweth fund for Ernie & Alice Sims for Christian Cruisers for State Championships.

Treasurer report was distributed and discussed. This has been the largest contribution year for GWTC. There was concern about how much money should be kept in reserve. Most persons agreed that there should be enough to keep us operational for the following year.

Bob Prentiss will write an article about expenses for the next Fleet Foot.

Breeda will be conducting the next lecture series.

The clothing sales have paid for earlier expenditures (purchase of new items) and future sales are now profit for the club.

A suggestion was made that we should recognize GWTC hall of famers at the Christmas party this year. Anyone having pictures should bring them to Sarah for the Christmas party.

A motion for $500 tent sponsorship for U.S. High School Track & Field

Series meet at Chiles High was approved.

Meeting was adjourned.


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