Congratulations to local runners


By Fred Deckert 


Florida Running & Triathlon magazine lists times for the Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K distances in its September/October 2002 issue. Race directors all over Florida send the results of their certified road races to the magazine. The Tallahassee area boasts a number of top times for those distances. Runners who have made the top 10 in their age groups are listed below.

For the Marathon Carrie Weyant (2nd) and Felton Wright (7th) are listed as top ranking 40-44 age group runners.

The Half Marathon boasts (20-24) Allison Eagen (4th), (25-29) Art Remillard (3rd), (30-34) Lisa Whitworth (6th), (40-44) Tim Unger (3rd), Reid Vannoy (9th), (45-49) Larry Mengelkoch (1st), David Yon (7th), (50-54) Tom Ratliffe (2nd), Karl Hempel (4th), Jerry Ongley (6th), Joe Donoghue (10th), and (65-69) Margarete Deckert (2nd).

Significantly, the Marathon and Half Marathon times were accomplished locally on probably the toughest course in Florida, if not the Southeast US. Speedsters take heart, the 2003 Marathon and Half Marathon will be on a flat, fast course.

10K speedsters were; (20-24) Thomas Kunish (2nd), Timothy Bolton (6th), (25-29) Stephanie Liles (3rd), (30-34) Lisa Whitworth (9th), (35-39) Sarah Williams (5th), (40-44) Tim Unger (7th), Jane Johnson (6th), Carrie Weyant (8th), Donna Whitworth (10th), (50-54) Mike Sims (6th), Karl Hempel (10th), Janice Hochstein (10th), (65-69)John Rakestraw (9th) and (65-69) Margarete Deckert (1st). Again, almost all these times were accomplished at Springtime 10K, another difficult course.

The list is not comprehensive since it’s dependent on race directors cooperation in sending in the results of their races, and all distances are not represented. Also our area does not have nearly as many certified races listed as are in the more populous lower part of the state. Nevertheless, the runners listed have exhibited their talent against top competitors all over the state of Florida and deserve our congratulations.