On 24 September 1998, Holy Comforter Middle School hosted its first cross- country race; race distance was 1.5 miles. Fifteen girls from Holy Comforter and Aucilla Christian Schools, and four boys from Holy Comforter participated. Holy Comforter girls won the meet by a score of 23 to 37; the boys had no interscholastic competition. Race results follow:

GIRLS                             TIME                SCHOOL
Elizabeth Riccardi               11:44                Holy Comforter
Abbey Hunt                       12:26                Aucilla Christian
Paula Ward                       12:27                Aucilla Christian
Elizabeth Clark                  12:39                Holy Comforter
Sarah Murphy                     12:40                Holy Comforter
Lindsey Asker                    13:34                Holy Comforter
Gray Crabtree                    13:48                Holy Comforter
K.D. Rentz                       13:58                Holy Comforter
Caitlin Carroll                  14:05                Aucilla Christian
Hannah Poole                     14:31                Aucilla Christian
Gena Dolson                      14:46                Holy Comforter
Rebecca Reeves                   15:09                Holy Comforter
Alana Reams                      16:02                Aucilla Christian
Alexandra McDavid                16:13                Holy Comforter
Moriah Poole                     16:42                Aucilla Christian
BOYS TIME James Dowdell 11:50 Charles Ingle 12:07 George Dunlap 12:14 Jennings McDavid 26:33