December 12, 2001 Business Meeting Premier Fitness Club

Board/GWTC Members present: Paul Hiers, Tom Perkins, Bob Prentiss, Lynn Powell, Tim and Lisa Unger, Jerry Ongley, Sarah Docter-Williams, Mike Sims, Laura Jensen, Judy Alexander, Joe and Nadine Dexter, David Yon, Jeff Bryan, Jane Johnson, Charlie Yates, Bonnie Benge and Bill de Grummond

Paul Hiers called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm and quorum was established. The November minutes were read and accepted. Appreciation was expressed for Premier Fitness Club allowing us to use the room and for waiving the usual fee. A note of thanks will be sent. Paul introduced new board members Jane Johnson and Jeff Bryan and welcomed back the returning members.


· A sign up sheet was distributed to establish next year’s meeting places.

· Bonnie Benge presented the budget for the Annual Awards. It was decided to include a gift certificate award for the overall Grand Prix Champions. The certificates will be mostly purchased with the money saved by not paying sales tax. Bonnie also discussed a new option for the Kids Grand Prix. She explained that at any 5k Grand Prix event the 14 and under runners can chose either the 5k or the 1-Mile to earn points. In the event a runner participates in both races, the longer race will be scored.

· Bob Prentiss discussed an e-mail he received from Bill McGuire requesting the club pay $150.00 for certification of the 30k course. It was decided to pay the fee as part of the race budget.

· Lisa Unger discussed an e-mail she received from Fred and Margarete Deckert. Margarete has had some requests for GWTC T-shirts, but she only has tank tops. Discussion was held about designing an updated T-shirt. Jane volunteered to speak with the Deckerts and help coordinate the T-shirt effort. The issue was tabled until next month when it will be discussed in more detail.

· Joe presented the Flash 12k budget and it was accepted by vote.


· David reported for the Chenoweth Committee. The “Running Journal” was passed around for the board’s perusal. David reported that the contribution made by the Chenoweth Fund to the All Star XC event was used to purchase uniforms for the participants.

· Tim Unger discussed the Team Racing singlets that will be ordered and offered to work in conjunction with Jane and Margarete to get the best possible pricing by ordering in bulk.

· Bob Prentiss presented and explained the Treasurer’s report. He has received most of the WDF funds and expressed appreciation for the accurate accounting of the race receipts.

· Judy Alexander Corbin reported for Brian that there are currently 807members represented by 498 memberships.

· Joe Dexter reported that all of the equipment is working fine.

· Charlie Yates explained that a rough draft of next year’s race calendar was started in October. Now that the Grand Prix schedule is final Charlie can finalize the race calendar.

· Sarah Docter-Williams reported that the Christmas Party social event will cost about $2500.00. She has agreed to continue to be the Social Coordinator with the promise of help from other board/club members.


· Paul Hiers advised that the vouchers for the David Bigoney Carnival Cruise have been received. Discussion was held about when and how the drawing will take place.

· Discussion was held about the Grand Prix Committee’s decision to exclude the Springtime 10k from the 2002 schedule. Paul explained that he, Tom and David met with the Committee to try to persuade them to include this race. The result of the discussion was that there would be no change to the schedule.

· Discussion was held about reviewing and updating the Constitution and By-Laws. It was agreed that this needs to be done and that a committee should be formed to undertake the task.

· Judy discussed membership renewals and volunteered to draft a letter to send to members who do not renew.

· Jane discussed the America the Beautiful Freedom Garden venture she has started. The city has donated the plot at Forest Meadows and she has coordinated with the staff to help establish an irrigation system. Jane has already received packets of seeds. She discussed adding a memorial plaque to dedicate the garden.

2002 BUDGET:

· Bob presented the 2002 budget. The newsletter was reduced to 10 issues. Discussion was held about the Team Racing budget. It was decided to increase the amount allotted to Team Racing from $750.00 to $1000.00. This increase will allow for the purchase of a club flag to be displayed at Team Racing and other events. The revenue anticipated to be raised at the annual fund raising event was increased from $950.00 to $1200.00. A motion was made to approve the budget with these amendments and it was accepted by vote.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:30 pm.

Lisa S. Unger, Secretary

These minutes have not been reviewed and accepted by the board.


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