By David Yon

Yes, a big part of the Christmas Eve Run is Running to Posey’s. And yes, the Hurricane Dennis brought unexpected destruction to St. Marks, including leaving Posey’s main building condemned. But the Mullet Shop will be open right across the street (it is now appropriately called “Posey’s Castaways” and the Proprietors are expecting us. It is a bit smaller place, but that just means we can all be closer. We are after all a resourceful group, aren’t we?

Structure is sort of the anti-thesis of this event, so don’t expect a lot of organization, but the biggest group will start at the trail head near the intersection of Capital Circle and South Monroe at 8:00. It is about 16 miles to the other end. There will be a few spots for water along the way, but don’t hesitate to bring or put out your own. There will be groups starting all along the way, including some who will start at the Posey’s end.

History of the Posey’s Run and the St. Mark’s Trail.

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