Gate to Gate Preparation


GWTC soon will have a chance to extend its Gate to Gate 4.4 team eagle streak to eleven years in a row. Since 1997, GWTC has won eagle trophies at the Gate to Gate team event every year, and won the overall team title in 1998, 2004, 2005, and 2006.

The Eglin Air Force Base Gate to Gate 4.4 Mile event will be held on Monday, May 26, 2008 (Memorial Day). Pre-registration and photo ID are required for entry to the Base. Early registration is available through May 9, during which time the fee is only $15.00. From May 10 through May 24, the fee is $20.00. There is NO race day or mail in registration available for this event. The race is limited to 2000 runners and walkers so please sign up early to make the cut. On-line registration is available at and has additional information about this event. Due to security and logistical requirements, the race has moved to the fine new facilities in front of Oak Hill Elementary School near Eglin’s West gate. The course is still the original 4.4 mile distance but now offers a safer course and eliminates the bus ride to the start. The race will start promptly at 7:30 A.M. CST. Our team is open to all GWTC members who pre-register by May 16 and contact Tim Unger with verification of their registration. The new Brooks GWTC “Trailahassee” racing singlets will be given to the folks that register to run on the GWTC racing team for this event. So, if you want a GREAT new racing singlet that fits, sign up immediately and contact Tim Unger. For this event a team roster must be submitted by 5/16 so only those who have pre-registered and contacted Tim will be listed on the roster. The scoring members of the team will be the 3 fastest men and the fastest female who are recorded on the team roster.

The Sixth annual NWFTC/GWTC/PRA joint post race beach party (otherwise known as the “100 Brats N Beers Party”) will follow the race awards. The new race course runs close to the spectacular “Bay Beach” on Choctawhatchee Bay where we host the post race party. The “Camp Robbins Picnic Area” is only about a mile from the race finish line. Runners actually pass the entrance to Camp Robbins Rd at around the 3 mile mark on the race course. Everybody is welcome to enjoy music, hot dogs, bratwurst, knockwurst, hamburgers, adult beverages, soft drinks and other traditional picnic fare. We will hold down our beach front property with runners from all over the Southeast until late in the afternoon. For more information about this great team event, please contact Tim Unger at 921-0035 or