David Yon


Time and time again we hear there is something special about this group of people that make up GWTC. This weekend certainly was an opportunity for the best of GWTC to shine. Friday night’s photo show and sale raised over $2200 for the Chenoweth Endowment Fund as more than 85 pictures were sold. On Saturday the Pot Luck Bash saw another $1445 raised at the race and music festival to make the total over $3600.

There certainly was no better example of the spirit that makes GWTC special than Kent Vann. As noted in the program: “He photographed our races and our lives during his time with us. He touched us most with his laugh, his kindness and his stories. Perhaps his most special gift was his ability to show us how to appreciate a moment. He could capture those moments in many ways, but none better than through his pictures.” Friday was a very special opportunity to remember Kent through his work, while raising money for a special cause. We are very much indebted to Karen Hamilton for making Kent’s works available and to Sarah and Sanchez Vann, Kent’s parents, for helping make sure the show was, indeed, really special.

The race and social were much fun. We will provide you more detail on the Chenoweth Fund Scholarship winners, the team winners and the outstanding music shortly. For now though, a very special thanks to everyone who made this weekend so special!