GWTC Hall of Fame - Fred and Margarete Deckert

By Charlie Yates

The recipient of the GWTC Hall of Fame Award is sometimes a person who is or has been, the fastest runner in the Track Club. At other times the recipient is someone whose cumulative performances as a runner have shown incredible gains and improvements over time. At yet other times, it may be a person whose actions and many contributions exemplify the spirit of running and bring great respect to Gulf Winds Track Club. 

The selection of this year’s Hall of Fame award, within and outside of age groups, easily spans the spectrum of ALL THREE of the above premises. The services to our organization have been provided over a time of years too numerous to count. So many things to consider, so many things that add to or build upon one another. Little things like wearing the logo of GWTC in far off events as well as within the State of Florida. Little things like volunteering time after time to assist with a race or in a broader sense, to assist the club itself. Larger things like contributing to the weekly running articles in the Tallahassee Democrat, a program that is rounding out 10 years of longevity. Larger things like being a race director, over time and currently. More things like writing for our monthly Fleet Foot or contributing the photos of runners, etc. At one point service included assisting with the promotion of our GWTC t-shirt, hat and singlet sales. The list is awesome. 

You would be remiss if you didn’t think or ask “how could one person contribute so much?” The answer might be “one couldn’t but two could!” You see, Gulf Winds is absolutely blessed with no fewer than 13 couples who have consistently worked as a team. And for the first time in the history of GWTC, we are going to elevate one of those “teams” to the Hall of Fame. 

How can that be, you ask. For one thing to establish the impact that this team has made on Gulf Winds Track Club you know that they have surely survived as a team for a long time. For another thing, you would know that they are both excellent runners within their respective age groups and both are diligent workers in the interest of Gulf Winds Track Club. One of the team was a co-Founder of the Tuesday article in the Democrat .. OK, this special team currently directs the Ultra and the Couple’s Caper and will sell you a new t-shirt. It is a privilege and a pleasure to recognize our newest Hall of Famers, Fred and Margarete Deckert. Come forward, Fred and Margarete.