State Championships

Kristin Sweeney

This award is given to a GWTC triathlete, active in the club, whose love of triathlon is demonstrated not only in competition, but also in commitment, service & inspiration.

Competition: Completed The Redhills Triathlon, St. Anthony’s Olympic Distance Triathlon, Gulf Coast Half Ironman, and Marianna 4th of July Triathlon. Did not win any of the races, but I would bet my life savings that he enjoyed each race more than anybody else there.

Commitment: Just say the word and this year’s winner will be there. Training, racing, traveling, you name it he won’t hesitate.

Service: This year’s winner has been an integral part of The Red Hills Triathlon. He has put together the run course and been willing to help out in any way possible. This year he finally took the time to participate in the race

Inspiration: The final piece of the puzzle that really puts this year’s winner into a category of his own. I have been truly inspired by the love of the sport that this man brings to the sport. And most particularly to how he spreads that to other individuals. He has never met a person before, after or most particularly during a race that he won’t take the time to talk to and encourage.

The 2006 GWTC Triathlete of the Year is Bruce Lynn.