The Gulf Winds Track Club team won the trophy for “Most Miles Run” at the Leon County 2000 Relay for Life 18-hour fundraiser for cancer research, education, and patient services.

The Relay for Life was held at the Leon High School track on May 12 and 13. Teams participate by raising a minimum of $100 per team member with a $150 registration fee. Teams from businesses, clubs, schools, and neighborhoods participated in the run/walk. The event began with a walking lap for cancer survivors led by Governor Jeb Bush and Lieutenant Governor Frank Brogan. Then, running and walking teams kept a team member on the track constantly during the entire 18-hour period.

The Gulf Winds Track Club team ran a total of 125 miles on the track during the 18-hour period, running a total of 500 laps. The team captain was Tom Perkins, with Gary and Peg Griffin providing invaluable assistance. Team members and supporting club runners included: Julie Clark, Myron Herring, Tom Perkins, Bob Keller, Judy Alexander, Brian Corbin, Frank Beck, Ron Christian, Tom Wilkerson, Will Walker, Erin Shepherd, Sue Kelly, Robin O’Neill-Wann, Jeanne O’Kon, Dana Stetson, Kelly Tucker, Linda McCarty, and Bob Prentiss.

Congratulations and thanks go to all of the GWTC participants for supporting such a worthy cause in our community!