Hall of Fame Award: Brian Corbin

Presented by Michael Martinez

The individual being inducted this evening is an exceedingly humble person with a gentle spirit. We all know that long runs have a way of stripping away pretense and revealing a person’s true nature. However, I discovered that despite running countless miles over many years with this person there were many accomplishments and service activities of which I was unaware.

Let’s review a few of this individual’s many qualifications for this honor. GWTC membership chair for 4 years, co-race director of the 10 Mile Challenge for 7 years. Co-race director of the Tallahassee Springtime Races for 5 years including the year the 5k was added. Co-collector of stuff for the U-Haul for Turkey Trot for 15 years. He has volunteered at numerous GWTC events in all capacities. He has given tireless efforts implementing computer timing for track events as well as actually timing countless meets. He served as a member and GWTC rep on Miccosukee Greenway Committee, and Chair of Alford Arm Greenway Committee.

The opportunities and challenges of the Miccosukee Greenway Committee and the Alford Arm Greenway Committee may well have been the driving force behind the development of the cross country course at the Apalachee Regional Park. While many of us take this amazing, manicured jewel for granted now, this individual actually machete’d the first trail in the ARP out of a dense thicket. He continued to be the driving force, and with the help of other key individuals, it has progressed to the point where cross country championships are held there. There were so many hurdles and an incredible amount of time invested in the dramatic transformation. To cite just one example, in order to qualify for that type of collegiate event the course had to be widened.

That entailed a painstaking process of identifying hundreds of specific trees which would have to be removed and tying ribbons around each one. Selfishly, I can say the willingness and dedication to meet running partners at 5:15 a.m. for a run before work and bringing new life into our conversations has been a tremendous gift. The whole concept of a keto diet while being an endurance athlete, almost no carbs, is hard to fathom but great to debate. One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is this individual’s reliability, friendship and non-judgmental ability to listen and offer encouragement. This individual’s spirit of service is further evidenced by teaching middle school. Teaching has been combined with the love of running by incorporating running into the educational experience. I will be ever grateful that he has moved back to our town and our running community as we are enriched by his presence.

I am proud to announce that Brian Corbin is the newest member of the GWTC Hall of Fame!