[Editor’s Note: I don’t believe leaving Tallahassee means leaving GWTC, but when someone does leave town (hopefully not forever) it is a great time to reflect on what is special about membership. Kathy Mora and Steve Kazmierski are leaving Tallahassee for Tucson, Arizona. Kathy wrote the following to say thanks for many good times!]

Recipe for Home Cooked Casserole with Dressing
(It’s “Southern Cookin”)
Created By Little Kathy


1 lonely new girl in town, runner
1 cool opportunity to meet Ed Eyestone and Mark Coogin
1 invitation to run with Sunday morning BP group
1 each Barbara and Nick Yonclas
Many more Sunday morning BP runs
1 each Gary Droze and Jeff Nielsen
Many Tuesday night track workouts; stop watch needed for accurate timing
Many lessons learning to run in pool; cold water included
3 moments of weakness: 1 after 30k run, Deja Vu moment at Yon residence, 3rd after becoming completely spineless
Sprinkle a few marathons and traveling with friends at any time during the preparation
1 Triathlete boyfriend
Lots O’ Gatorade
More Gatorade; you can never have enough
Add trail runs, as much as desired; Sloths included
Add massages as much as affordable (Thanks Carrie and John)
Lots of grand prix points
Lots of laughs, sorrows, and a bunch of wonderful, special people


1 each Mary Jean and David Yon
2 Cats
1 Butt kicker
1 Cold Hot Tub
1 Cute Ol’ Cecil
A few Sheriff Deputies
1 Cool House

Combine all ingredients and shake well.


1. Begin by placing 1 lonely Yankee girl in very southern town. Make girl learn new vocabulary, such as ya’ll and “mash the button.”

2. Have girl join GWTC. Right away have girl volunteer for National X-Country meet at FSU Golf Course. Watch for thrill as girl meets “big-wig” runners.

3. Invite girl to run BP 10 miler. Watch loneliness begin to disappear after meeting Nick and Barbara. Add pancakes.

4. Stir in Gary Droze. Discard Tuesday night tennis (avoidance technique) and add Tuesday night intervals and water running. Even attempt to teach Dennis how to water run.

5. Blend in an unexpected Jeff Nielsen at a down and out moment. He’s a good friend…. and a good research subject!

6. Allow girl to become confused and accept position of GWTC Social Coordinator. Sprinkle a little Nick and Mae at a 30K finish line.

7. Make sure “real job” becomes available to entice girl to stay in Tallahassee…. and carry on as Social Coordinator for 2 more years. Once Social Coordinator reaches overflowing point, pass pancake flipper on to much more energetic, qualified, and impressive Sara and Company.

8. Transform girl into Ironman cheerleader…and expert wet suit stripper (quick learner!) Sit back and enjoy the scenery for a while…. reflect on own sanity of ONLY being a runner.

9. Pick up job moonlighting as a Gatorade sales person to cover up Sunday addiction.

10. For added seasoning, every now and then add Columbus, NYC, Huntsville, Grandma’s, Boston, Chicago, Tallahassee Ultra 50k, and Maui (thanks for that one, David!). Sample flavor, add more as desired.

11. Expose boyfriend to “not so serious” Jewish traditions with help of Kathy and Bob. Caution: should a Minty be present…. DO NOT attempt to pet…. stay away…sometimes you just have to give up the room entirely!

12. Add bonding moment with Sloths at Lake Jackson sink hole…mix up big batch of dirt pie to celebrate the occasion and learn a little geology!

13. Combine as many wonderful people as you can find, mix well. Pour dressing over top and blend in thoroughly. Sprinkle top with Wendy, Bob, Sissi, Joe, Kelly, Joy, Gene, Judy, Brian, Bonnie, Felton, Robert, Barbara, Doc, Malissa, Tom P., Jeannie, Tom Mc, Jackie, Fran, Bruce, Jane, Brent, Mary Jane, Mara, Carrie, Mike, Jeff, Ann, Kathy Mc, Ronnie, Greg, Gary, Dick, Nancy, Susan, Bruce, little Joe and Double Nick (but go lightly on the last one…it can be quite intense)!!!

14. Bake casserole at 100 degrees with 100% humidity for 10 miles (or Damn 12, if you’re with Dennis…but, be careful not to let it get a little over done and crusty!) When done, place finished product at Cabos. Serve with Champagne. ENJOY!

Note: For variety try including 1 Kooky Dog named Bud. For really hot spicy flavor try adding Book Club meetings.

FINAL NOTE: Recipe above is worth 10 years of great joy and memorable moments to provide a final product I call HOME.

I am so thankful for all the laughs and having been part of GWTC. I will miss ya’ll!!!