I hate running!


By Susan Stetson,


I hate running. Then, you say, why do we still see you out there running on the trails? That’s a good question, and one all of you know the answer to already.

Oh sure, that first few steps feel like pure torture, but when all the muscles start warming up and the blood starts pumping, you feel alive! But, what about your burning lungs? That, too, my friends will go away the longer you run. What about those side cramps? Three easy words. Drink more water!

And, what about shin splints? Well, I took a few days off; iced the fronts of my legs; did some front leg lifts with light weights, and voila … it’s back to the trails, again, adding distance slowly. It has also been suggested to me by (a friendly Doctor) that calcium and phosphorus (equal percentages), along with vitamin D will help build up the bones and relieve longer term shin splint problems. (This is another whole topic worth discussing on another day!)

And, why do I go through this torture? Well, it’s not everyday that you see an armadillo a few feet away, butterflies alighting on flowers, or two deer crossing your path as the sun slowly fades behind a lacy curtain of trees.

I do hate running … on hard pavement and on city streets that I drive almost everyday. By running on local trails, I gain a softer footing and a more scenic route. I see different people on the trail almost every time I run. I’m not competing against anyone, except myself. (Well, most of the time, I don’t try to outrun Dana and Danice!)

When I run by myself, I have time to contemplate life and my place in it. The more I can concentrate on “the bigger picture”, the less I think about the pounding I am giving my body. The more I enjoy the natural beauty of our area and the creatures in it, the less I count the number of turns in the path. In addition, I am toning up those muscles I haven’t used for a while and spending time with my family (which isn’t an easy thing to do)!

So, yes, I do hate running, but the positive aspects outweigh the negative and as long as I am able I’ll be out there on the trails!