Business Meeting June 14, 2000 Home of Judy Alexander and Brian Corbin

Board Members Present:, Paul Hiers, Paul Hoover, Bob Prentiss, Mae Cleveland, Gary Kenney, Lynn Powell, Judy Alexander, Brian Corbin, Julie Clark

Others Present: Eric Ritchson

Paul Hoover, President, called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m. Minutes from the May meeting were distributed and accepted.

Eric Ritchson presented a request for financial support for USATF National Track meet. A letter was circulated and Eric made a wonderful presentation.

The treasurer report was distributed and discussed.

Membership is now 811 members and 500 memberships, which is higher than this time last year. Shaw’s has volunteered to assist with a membership drive.

The Tom Brown Bash budget was presented and accepted.

Discussed how directors should handle cash money. They should collect it, count it and write a check to the treasurer.

The board agreed to pay a charge that was not approved in advance- however, it was agreed that this will not be done in the future. This brought up the subject of how this can be handled in the future. It will be on the agenda of the next board meeting.

All Grand Prix events must have insurance. It costs $100 to have these events RRCA sanctioned. Also, the RRCA logo must be on the race flyers. This should be included in the guide for race directors.

Upcoming events? Music Mania 8K, Echo Run for Others, AAU meet (need volunteers).

August 12 is the deadline for the September newsletter.

The P.O. box key was discussed. Gary will call Kendria and get it to Judy.

GWTC support of teams for out of town races was discussed. It was decided that the club will only fund team entries (not individual) and the requests need to be made up front to the board for approval. Individual entries may be paid for events if they are open to all track club members, via a qualifying race announced in advance or some other means that is approved by the board.

The next social will be the tubing trip. All participants should be there by 8:00 a.m. to assure their reservations.

$750 was recommended by the Chenoweth committee to support Eric Ritchson. This was discussed and approved by the board.

Julie D. Clark


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