June 13, 2007 Business Meeting Hosted by Beth Alexander

Board/GWTC Members present: Beth Alexander, Peg Griffin, David and Mary Jean Yon, Charlie Yates, Gene Opheim, Judy Alexander, Joe Dexter, Bill Lott, Tim Unger, Sara Cleveland, and Jay Silvanima.

Mary Jean Yon called the meeting to order at 7:38 PM and quorum was established. The May minutes were reviewed. A motion was made, seconded and passed by unanimous vote to accept the minutes as presented.


Race Director Coordinator – Charlie Yates reported Shaw’s 5 miler is planned for 9/15. This is the same date as the Women’s Distance Festival, which is a Grand Prix event. Charlie may suggest another open date to Shaw such as 9/1. Springtime 2008 is schedule for 3/29, which is the same weekend as FSU Relays meet. Coach Braman said he is not able to change the FSU meet . Charlie wanted all to know of the potential conflict. Bill Lott pointed out that 10/6 is Parents’ weekend at FSU which has a 5K associated with it. Also, Homecoming is on 10/27 therefore FSUCares will be scheduled on that same day . This is usually the date for Boston Mini Marathon and the Sundberg 5K.

Race Director – Jay Silvanima presented a preliminary budget for the Tallahassee Marathon. He is considering a local charity next year possibly a land acquisition group. Jay wants to add the half marathon to Grand Prix as well as prize money for the half to attract additional runners. He was advised to work through the Grand Prix Committee to get on next year’s schedule. David Yon added he did not think adding prize money for the half would attract more runners. Gene Opheim reasserted his belief that races should benefit running related activities.

Triathlete Report – Sara Cleveland reported 60 triathletes attended their first meeting. They will continue to meet on the third Monday of every month at Po Boys on Village Square Blvd to discuss business and hear speakers. They are currently working on their webpage. Discussion included how to handle their money. Gene is willing to help handle their finances. Information about insurance and the best way to cover the triathletes is still being researched.

Clothing Coordinator – Beth Alexander for Margarete Deckert received 50 hats from T Formation: 10 black, 20 blue and 20 off-white. Cost was $9.15/hat. She sold 12 hats at $10 each.

Newsletter – Beth Alexander for Fred Deckert Fred is still trying to find out why our Fleet Foot mailing varies from one day to over two weeks. He has no definitive answer, but the Post Office sent out a message to its branches. This message was circulated on gwinds. He would appreciate feedback on delivery of the July/August issue to determine if there was any problem.

Racing Team Report – Tim Unger reported the Club’s team at the Gate to Gate run received eagle trophies for the 10th straight year. Quite a few runners had excellent races including Sheryl Rosen who placed second overall female, Joey Zinn won the men’s race, Tim Unger was the first Master, and Bill McGuire was the first Grand Master. There are no more team races until 9/15. Tim will try to order singlets with cross-country teams instead of waiting until January.

Awards/Grand Prix Committee – Tim for Lisa Unger no report.

Treasurer’s Report – Gene Opheim reported that the Club has $63,312, which is $2313 less than last month. There is no accurate figure for the Chenoweth Fund this month. Idea Committee: Gene reported the last two results of his Idea Committee, which was comprised of Gene, Nadine Dexter, and Bob Keller. First, GWTC will conduct a prize drawing each month for the rest of 2007. The drawings will be made from the membership list. The total budget will be $300. A motion was made, seconded and passed by unanimous vote to accept this idea. And second, GWTC will provide/grant up to 6 running clubs in the area schools with a total budget for 2007 of $1800. The group would meet twice per week for 4 months and Gene proposed paying coaches or coordinators $300/semester. A motion was made, seconded and passed by unanimous vote to accept this idea. Gene explained the Champions program in Leon County elementary and middle schools. Bob Keller is a regular participant in this program and will be attending the summer planning meetings. He will see how Gulf Winds could get involved.

Website Committee Report – David Yon reported a Volunteer Spotlight section is added to the website. Andy Roberts has designed a search feature for the web site that will search race results by name.

Chenoweth Fund – David Yon reported the Committee would like to donate $1000 to the Leon High School team for warm up suits. A motion was made and seconded. After discussion the motion was unanimously approved. David also reported that the Pot Luck Bash earned $200.

Membership – Peg Griffin reported there are currently 801 members represented by 450 households. A total of 38 new households joined the Club as a result of the original mailing membership drive. $300 remains from this donation.

Training Committee – Nadine Dexter no report.

Equipment – Joe Dexter turned in checks from rental fees for equipment.

Lecture Series – Mary Jean Yon for Fred Deckert reminded us the next lecture will feature Eric Draper on July 27 at Myers Park.
OLD BUSINESS: Judy Alexander provided a list of items needed for the FinishLynx timing system including a wireless starter gun and software. The total cost is $2900. A motion was made, seconded and passed by unanimous vote to purchase the equipment required.

There was a motion to adjourn at 9:13 PM, which was seconded and passed by unanimous vote.

The next board meeting will be held on July 11, 2007 hosted by Fred and Margarete Deckert.

These minutes have been reviewed and accepted by the Board. Beth Alexander, Secretary.


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