Male Triathlete of the Year Award

Presented by Jeff Bowman

Good evening. How many Triathletes do we have here tonight? It’s my pleasure to share with you all about our 2015 Male Triathlete of the Year.

According to one of his family members, he was a trouble-maker as a child. He once set the grass on fire playing with matches. He has been known to enjoy a good pedicure and his neighborhood mother thinks he has prettyfeet.

He played Basketball as a kid. He enjoys tennis… and to this day his buddies call him Chicken Legs.

Quoting his Nephew…My Uncle is GREAT! Everyone loves him. He’s rich, he’s funny, he speaks well, and he’s educated – still quoting his nephew – The first time I saw him swim a few years ago, it looked likehe was being attacked by an alligator!

OK, in all seriousness, this Athlete is a relative newcomer to the sport of Triathlon. His firstTriathlon was the Freedom Springs Triathlon a few years ago, when his daughter convinced himto try it. When a volunteer in a kayak asked him if he was going to finish, well…it was on! He took lessons, learned to swim, and hasn’t looked back. He went from having fear of the water, to taking it on with gusto, actually enjoying the jostling and physical contact at the swim start.

In 2015 he competed in 10 Triathlons, racing at every distance. From the Red Hills sprint in April, to a brutally hot Gulf Coast Half Ironman in May, then setting a huge Olympic PR at Amelia Island in July. He finished the season with a tough Ironman Maryland on October 17th. As if that wasn’tenough, he also found time to race the Gulf Winds road race circuit completing 20 road races ofvarious distances. Yes… this athlete raced 30 times during the 2015 season.

He also volunteered many hours helping mentor kids with the South Side Multi-Sport Club, including many swim, bike and run sessions, clinics and races, culminating this summer with South Side athletes racing in the Youth Triathlon Series. If you aren’t familiar with the South Side Multi-Sport Club, it encourages participation by children on the Southside of Tallahassee in the sport of Triathlon, for physical fitness, general well being, and to encourage healthy lifestyles. So… whether it was racing the local Red Hills Triathlon, finishing a tough Ironman Maryland, winning his age group in the Gulf Winds Triathletes Grand Prix competition (for the 2nd consecutive year), or mentoring our up and coming disadvantaged youth, this athlete’scompetitive achievements, inspiring spirit, and commitment to service are exemplary.

He is one of our best ambassadors, showing every day that triathlon is open, inclusive, welcoming and truly accessible to anyone with drive and determination. He gives back to the sport by mentoring under privileged kids and being a supportive role model to his family & friends. In factit’s rare to see him at an event without his beautiful daughter Jamila at his side (who I fully expectto see up here in the near future)! He’s a Computer Science Professor currently designing a virtual endurance APP so athletes can track each other regardless of start time. This Athlete is a BAD(A-ES-ES), a true Renaissance Man.

Please help me in celebrating our 2015 Male Triathlete of the Year, Dr. Clement Allen!