Male Triathlete of the Year

Presented by Kathy McDaris

This award will be given to a GWTC Triathlete, active in the club, whose love of triathlon is demonstrated not only in competition, but also in commitment, service and inspiration. The person I have nominated epitomizes these qualities. The person I have nominated has been instrumental in the re-formation of the Tri Club and its continued momentum.  But it is not just his service to our club that makes him deserving of this award.  The person I have nominated sets a positive example for all our new triathletes and developing triathletes in his ability to balance his life. 

This person is one of the founding members of the training group that jokingly calls itself “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.”  In addition, to leading nearly every workout, he researches and posts training drills for the other members as well.  

Although he is a relatively new triathlete, he still chose to take on the Ironman challenge.  For his first Ironman, he didn’t pick a race close to home with a nice flat course and relatively warm water swim.   He picked one of the nation’s most challenging courses – Ironman Lake Placid – and he finished, exhibiting tremendous mental endurance to do so. 

As daunting as the Ironman Lake Placid was, when three other members of our training group decided to register for Ironman Florida 2013, this athlete didn’t miss a beat and signed up with them.  While continuing to lead our training group, work full-time, and assist with the Tri Club Board this person trained for and completed his second Ironman this November, continuing to exemplify the “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” motto.

 He is one of our best ambassadors, showing every day that triathlon is open, inclusive, welcoming and truly accessible to anyone with drive and determination. He gives back to the sport by volunteering at the YTS kids races, as well as giving his own time to the training group, all this while working full and being a loving supportive husband to his wife, Kelli.  Please join me in celebrating our 2013 Male Triathlete of the Year, Mr. Bill Dillon.