Business Meeting held May 9, 2001 Hosted by David and Mary Jean Yon

Present : Paul Hiers, Tom Perkins, David Yon, Mike Sims, Jerry Ongley, Bob Prentiss, Judy Corbin, Lynn Powell, Sarah Docter-Williams, Mae Cleveland, Tim and Lisa Unger

Quorum was established and the meeting called to order at approximately 7:45 pm.

Judy Corbin advised the board that she had the membership numbers but not with her and that she would call the secretary later with the information. The numbers were called in that evening and reported 446 memberships representing 730 members.

The April minutes were distributed and reviewed. Mae Cleveland made a motion to accept the minutes as presented and Judy Corbin seconded the motion and therefore it was passed.


Mae Cleveland opened discussion about deaf runner Bryan Hendricks who received a sponsorship from the Chenoweth Fund to help him participate in an event in Africa. Mae informed the board that due to conflict in the country the event had been postponed and then due to an injury, Bryan was unable to participate in the re-scheduled event. Mae read a letter from the USA Deaf Track and Field Association that explains the check Bryan received has not been cashed yet due to Bryan’s injury. It further explains that there is an event called the Deaf World Games and requests that sponsorship money originally intended to aid Bryan in his travel to Africa instead become a donation to this event. Judy Corbin made a motion allow this donation. Sarah D. Williams seconded the motion and therefore it was passed.

David Yon discussed the $1000.00 check presented by John Citron which is to be shared by the Springtime 10k and Kim Batten. David advised the board that the check was to be split into equal amounts of $500.00 and it was hoped that at least Kim’s portion would be matched by an equal donation. David reported that a sponsor was found to match Kim’s portion. The sponsorship is in the name of the late David Close on behalf of Jessie and Henrietta Close. David read the presentation letter that will accompany the check presented to Kim. The letter is written on joint Tallahassee Sports Council and GWTC letterhead. The letter is very complimentary of Kim and thanks her for the example of excellence that she sets for our community. Paul Hiers signed the letter as President of GWTC. David made a motion to move forward with this sponsorship of Kim Batten and Judy Corbin seconded, therefore it was passed.

Judy Corbin discussed the success of the Gilchrist Silent Auction. She advised that she did not attend, but rather received profuse thanks from Gary Kenney for the donation made by the club.

David Yon opened discussion about the possibility of re-naming the Michael Caldwell Advancement of the Sport Award. He suggested it become the Caldwell/Cleveland Advancement of the Sport Award because both Michael Caldwell and Rex Cleveland facilitated the advancement of running through their journalistic talents. David made a motion that the award be renamed. Judy Corbin seconded the motion and therefore it was passed.

Bob Prentiss discussed a bill that he received from Rupp Shirts for additional Superman Relay shirts. It was determined that the bill should be directed to Shannon Sullivan of Sportsbeat. Bob will see that this is handled appropriately.


Tim Unger reported that the GWTC Travel Team continued its winning streak by winning its 5th event of 5 attempts at the Fiesta 10k. Tim reported that the next event is the Gate to Gate 4.4 Miles at Eglin Air Force Base on Memorial Day. Tim reported that he has received 13 registrations to date and has at least 4 more promised.

Sarah Docter-Williams reported her idea to purchase beans and rice from Carlos’ Cuban Café for the Pot Luck Bash.

There was no Equipment report, but David Yon opened discussion about purchasing a trailer for Joe Dexter to assist him with his Equipment Manager duties. The possibility of making a trailer the “cause” for the upcoming Silent Auction was discussed. Other options, such as tapping the club membership for special deals, were also discussed. No motion was made, but it was decided to temporarily table the idea.

Discussion was held about the announcement of future business meetings. It was mentioned that there is a list of meeting dates and location available on the web page. Lisa offered to assist the board by reminding the members in advance of each meeting as to the date and location of the upcoming meeting by e-mail.

Sarah Docter-Williams reported that many donations have been received for the Silent Auction. She reminded the board that the event will start at 5 pm but pointed out that the Fleet Foot indicates it is to start at 5:30. It was decided that this inconsistency should not hinder the event as the bidding is intended to continue through at least 8pm.

Tom Perkins reported that the Springtime budget has not been finalized yet. He reported that the finisher medals seemed to be a big hit and that many participants indicated that receiving a medal may be the reason they run the race again next year. Tom also indicated that the re-established affiliation with the Springtime Tallahassee event allowed for free Police and Sheriff traffic control for the race. He suggested that someone “shadow” him next year and then become the Race Director for the 2003 event.

David Yon reported on behalf of Mary Jean that the next lecture is scheduled to be held on June 18 at 7:30 pm in the usual Myers Park Community Room location. The lecture will be given by Jeff Fredricks of Rehab Engineering and will be entitled “Low Stress Feet are Fast Feet”.

There was no Clothing Report, but Tim Unger confirmed that Margarete Deckert has ordered 50 tank tops.

Bob Prentiss reported the budget.

Tom Perkins reported that the Summer Track Series begins in June. Weekly events will be held on each Thursday with exception of the week of July 4th. The originally budgeted amount of $1000.00 will be used to present the Series.

Lynn Powell reported on behalf of the Triathletes that the Red Hills event made a profit, which was became a donation to Maclay Gardens. Interest was expressed in a revival of the Tri-Swami column in the Fleet Foot.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:25

Lisa S. Unger

These minutes have not yet been accepted by the Board.


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