November 14, 2001 Business Meeting Hosted By Lynn Powell

Board/GWTC Members present: Paul Hiers, Tom Perkins, Bob Prentiss, Lynn Powell, Tim and Lisa Unger, Jerry Ongley, Sarah Docter-Williams, Mike Sims, Laura Jensen, Brian and Judy Corbin, Joe and Nadine Dexter, Gary Griffin

Paul Hiers called the meeting to order at 7:45 pm and quorum was established. The October minutes were read and accepted.

· Paul Hiers discussed the results of the e-mail vote to support David Bigoney. Paul received a majority vote for the club to accept a cruise giveaway for David to raffle off as a fundraiser. A letter was sent to acknowledge that GWTC would accept the cruise on behalf of David. Discussion was held about offering to let him sell raffle tickets at the Christmas party, or hold the raffle there, but the date of the cruise needs to be confirmed before any such suggestion can be made.

· Gary Griffin discussed the 2002 Marathon budget and clarified that it is a very conservative draft. Gary advised the board that all of the proceeds from the marathon are going to the club this year. He also advised that the main sponsor, Tallahassee Nurseries, is now operating under new management. They will continue to stage the race at the Nursery, but will not make the same financial contribution as in the past. Gary advised that Mile Markers are available for sale again this year.


· Brian Corbin reported that there are currently 801 members represented by 494 memberships.

· Joe Dexter reported that all of the equipment is working fine. He has purchased a new megaphone and answered some of the board’s questions about equipment use.

· Bob Prentiss presented and explained the Treasurer’s report. Bob had to transfer funds from the Building Account to cover expenses and predicts to have to transfer more. Bob explained that the extra Fleet Foot, the annual RRCA dues and the Awards ceremony are all big expenses that will be realized in the same month. There was some discussion about how profitable the Auction has been and the club’s practice of spending its funds in the support of others. Discussion was held about the Chenoweth Fund’s role in distributing funds to the community.

· Sarah Docter-Williams reported that the social event at Carlos’ Cuban café went well and was attended by about 60 people. Sarah advised that the Christmas party will be held on December 14, 2001. There was some discussion about the cost of the party. It was decided that Sarah has done a good job in finding the best accommodations at the lowest cost.


· Judy offered some information about digital photography equipment for use at finish lines to help with the accuracy of results. Prices start at about $500.00, but the idea was tabled while discussion continues about balancing the budget.

· Discussion was held about ensuring a balanced budget by reducing the club’s spending. There was discussion about saving money by reducing the number of Fleet Foot issues each year. Since an extra issue was printed in 2001, the suggestion was made to limit the number of issues to 10 in 2002 in an effort to “pay back” the club. It was further discussed to possibly reduce the number of issues to 6 per year. There was additional discussion about the club’s charitable donations and the cost of the Awards ceremony and other major expenses incurred by the club. There was discussion about whether or not the proceeds from club races should be shared with a “cause” or kept by the club.

· Discussion was held about the Grand Prix schedule for 2002. Several of the proposed Grand Prix races conflict with the list of Team Racing races. There were differing opinions about whether or not the Springtime 10K should be on the Grand Prix schedule.

· Lisa reported for David Yon that the Turkey Trot events are going as planned and encouraged all to pre-register and pick up their race packets at one of the pre-race events. Also, the election ballots have been mailed.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:15 pm. The next meeting will be held on December 12th at Gary Kenney’s home.

Lisa S. Unger, Secretary

These minutes have not been reviewed and accepted by the board


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