October 9, 2002 Business Meeting Hosted by Jane Johnson

Board/GWTC Members present: Paul Hiers, Lisa Unger, Mike Sims, David Yon, Jane Johnson, Bonnie Wright, Tom Perkins, Joe & Nadine Dexter, Judy Alexander, Brian Corbin, Fred & Margarete Deckert, and Charlie Yates

Jane Johnson called the meeting to order at 7:45 pm and quorum was established. The September minutes were read and accepted as presented.


The board discussed requiring Grand Prix races that are not GWTC races to show proof of insurance. They would also be required to include a waiver consistent with GWTC’s that waives GWTC of responsibility. GWTC should be named as an insured.

The Committee on Nominations was discussed with all but one of the board members agreeing to return for 2003.

GWTC was selected as a Champions for Kids award winner from a nomination submitted by Jane to Kids, Inc.


David discussed the Youth Running program. Gary Droze will help 2 times per week and suggested one be in conjunction with the Tuesday evening speedwork session as well as a weekend afternoon.

Mike Sims presented to proposed 2003 Grand Prix schedule. There was additional discussion concerning race insurance. Charlie Yates (Race Director Coordinator) will work with race Directors to help them meet the requirement and other standards for Grand Prix race status. Discussion was held concerning the 30k and it was added to the 2003 Grand Prix schedule. The 2003 Grand Prix schedule with amendments was accepted provided all races can provide proof of insurance.


Social Coordinator report – Bonnie Wright reported that $900.00 was raised at the Celebrity Dinner to benefit the Relay for Life. The board approved by motion and vote for Bonnie to mail postcards to announce upcoming social events.

Clothing Coordinator report – Margarete asked to have a new price set for the “I Run This Town” t-shirts. Discussion was held concerning the inventory at Sportsbeat and Shaw’s. A current inventory will be e-mailed to the board. The board brainstormed for ideas to better manage the inventory.

Equipment report – Joe Dexter reported that Sickle Cell and FSECC paid their clock rental fees. Joe purchased some new equipment including a megaphone, batteries, a painting machine and chronomix paper.

Chenoweth report – David Yon discussed jerseys historically purchased for Everhart. Sportsbeat and the Chenoweth Fund will split the cost for the jerseys this year. Fall Fest netted $1500.00 and there are lots of running journal left over so they may be used for fund raisers. It was suggested that the Chenoweth Fund help fund the start up of the Youth Running program. The FL High School Activities Assoc. (FHSAA) Capital City Classic will be held at FSU on April 12. Jane suggested the board hold a strategic planning meeting at her house.

Race Director Coordinator report – Charlie Yates reported that there is a revival of the RACE JUDICATA in Tallahassee, it will be November 16 and the College of Medicine race will be 11/23.

Membership report – Brian Corbin reported that there are currently 817 member represented by 476 memberships.

Team Racing report – No report

Lecture Series – No report

Treasurer’s report – No

Newsletter report- No report

Triathlete report – No report

· The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:34 pm.

The next meeting will be at the home of Lynn Powell on November 13, 2002.

Lisa Unger, Secretary

These minutes have not been reviewed and accepted by the board.


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