October 8, 2003 Business Meeting Hosted by Jane Johnson

Board/GWTC Members present: Jane Johnson, Tom Perkins, Lisa Unger, David Yon, Bob Prentiss, Joe & Nadine Dexter, Jerry Ongley, Mike Sims, Tony Guillen, Paul Hiers, Dawn Brown, Judy Alexander, Brian Corbin, Charlie Yates, Fred & Margarete Deckert

Guests present:

Jane Johnson called the meeting to order at 7:42 pm and quorum was established.

· Fred Deckert discussed his Age/Gender grading system and offered it to any interested race director. He will send e-mails to RD’s to assess their interest.. Fred also discussed the Couples Caper race he and Margarete direct in February each year. A motion was made to adopt the Couples Caper as an official GWTC club race. The motion was seconded and passed by vote. Fred also discussed a need to purchase more singlets as part of the club merchandise inventory. He advised that from Shaw’s he can get 50 singlets for $6.00 for males and $8.00 for females. Fred and others explained that the female singlets have a double panel in the front for coverage which increases the cost. Fred also advised that screen printing would cost $1.50 per shirt and suggested a club retail price of $10.00 (male) and $12.00 (female). A motion was made to purchase 50 shirts with the stipulation that Fred first check with Shannon to see if Sportsbeat can offer a better price and place the order through whichever outlet offers the best deal. The motion was seconded and passed by vote.

· The September minutes were read and accepted by motion, 2nd and vote.


· Race Director(s) report(s) – Dawn Brown presented the 10 Mile Challenge budget and discussed the entry fees structure. Since this is a club race, Dawn is entitled to one free full page ad in the Fleet Foot, so that expense line item will be removed from her budget. A motion was made to accept the budget, which was seconded and passed by vote. Jane Johnson discussed the Tallahassee Women’s Classic and explained that Sue Kelly has found several new sponsors including the Women’s Pavillion to replace the previous sponsor, Comcast.

· Race Director Coordinator report – Charlie Yates reported that the Judicata 5k requested a February date and they accepted 2/28/04. There was discussion about insurance issues, but there have been no changes.

· Membership report -Brian Corbin reported that there are currently 748 members represented by 416 memberships.

· Equipment report – Joe Dexter reported that all equipment is fine and he turned over several checks for ads and equipment rental fees.

· Chenoweth report -David reported that the committee received requests from Gretchen Everhart for $500.00 for Owl Run shirts and from Belle Vue for $400.00. A motion was made to approve the requests, which was seconded and passed by vote.

· Triathlete report – Tony Guillen reported that the Triathletes would meet on Friday October 10th at Beef O’Brady’s. Tony advised that summer is usually slow for meetings, but that the group picks back up in the fall. Tony announced that Mary Gorham will be competing in the Blue Devil Ironman in NC and also that Kathy McDaris recently had hip surgery, and with the help of Jeff Nielson, she expects to heal well. Praise was offered for the great job Kathy and Jeff did with the Prefontaine 5k.

· Training Committee report – Nadine Dexter reported that the class is going very well. The committee has a meeting scheduled to discuss the progress and also that the last class will be on 10/29 and is also a social event. They expect at least 30 class members to participate in the FSUCares and TLH Women’s Classic races. Recently, Lorraine Ausley spoke to the class members and offered great inspiration and motivation. In addition, the Marathon and ½ Marathon training schedules have been arranged and seem to be very organized with the help of Jerry Ongley and Julie Clark.

· Treasurer’s report – Bob Prentiss distributed and discussed the Financial and Budget reports. Bob requested that a discussion of the running class budget be added as a separate agenda item for the November meeting. Paul Hiers discussed the results of the Tom Brown Bash.

· Newsletter report- see New Business; Lecture Series – no report; Social Coordinator report – no report; Clothing Coordinator report – see above; Team Racing report – no report

· Jane Johnson discussed the lack of standards for publishing the Fleet Foot. Jane was concerned that since there are no formal guidelines it is not be possible to determine if the editorship is meeting a required standard. Jane passed out a list of proposed standards, including required board meeting attendance. There was much discussion regarding the paradox how artistic freedom may be compromised by strict standards, but also that a quality product cannot be ensured without some structure. There was discussion about forming a newsletter editing committee instead of a single person editor. Discussion was held about the possibility of offering the editor position to Jeff Bryan’s mother. A decision was made to see if she is interested, but to make no permanent change at this time.

· Jane discussed the 2004 elections slate, which includes Judy Alexander, Jerry Ongley, Jeff Bryan, Warren Emo, Fran McLean, Paul Ahnberg and Hobson Fulmer for Directors at Large, with Tom Perkins for President, David Yon for Vice President, Bonnie Wright for Treasurer and Lisa Unger for Secretary. A vote was conducted to accept the slate of officers.
The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:10 pm. Joe and Nadine Dexter will host the next meeting on November 12, 2003.
These minutes have not been reviewed and accepted by the board. Lisa Unger, Secretary


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