One of those days!


by Fred Deckert


It was one of those days! You know, you’ve had them too. The first few steps into the run and the messages start zinging into your brain. “I’m tired, do we have to do this?” The feet holler, “I hurt!” the legs complain, “I’m too sore.” And on it goes. It’s especially unfortunate when you have planned a long run or you’re at a race. This is when “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” comes to mind.

Saturday morning when I attempted my weekly 10 miler I tried to answer the messages, first answer- well, I’ll cut it short today. No, that would be wimping out, and I’ll only have to think about it again tomorrow. The next was more practical and slightly more satisfying, I’ll back off my already tortoise like pace and gut it out. Halfway through the big “heel” comes and I’m beat. Now it’s another decision, do I run up and maybe abort the rest of the run, or walk up and maybe finish? Walking won, and continued to win the succeeding battles as my energy level dropped below zero.

Running is such a solitary and individual sport that you seldom can feed off the energy of your companions, and discipline has to take the place of the camaraderie of friends. In team sports your teammates can cover for you temporarily and help you get back in the groove, but as a runner you are exposed to the world, wimp or tough guy/gal. In a world that values individuality (sometimes), this can be good training for you.

At any rate you will find out if you can “gut” out the low spots and let them make you stronger. By definition, low spots follow something better, and better times will come again. In the back of your head, you know it won’t always be like this, and you will rejoice in the strength that your persistence has earned for you.