By David Yon


Can it be that a year has passed since I wrote “A Heart Now Stands Still” announcing that Superman’s heart had finally stopped beating? On February 25, 2001 in an incredible outpouring of love and support, GWTC held the Ten for Tim Relay at Leon High School Track under the direction of Art Remillard. Before all was said and done, $35,000 poured in to help Tim and his family with the cost of fighting the cancer that ultimately claimed his life. Tim’s tragic battle with cancer ignited a special bonding of family and friend in Tallahassee and GWTC. Today Art was Spiderman helping to weave memories of the Superhero that ran the streets of Tallahassee and of the special outpouring from our community.

On March 23, 2002, Joe and Nadine Dexter made sure we took time out to remember Tim and his family. Cora Simpkins, Tim’s widow, started the Tim Simpkins Memorial 5K at Messer field by reminding everyone that what matters most is that everyone learns to enjoy their running. Jonny Simpkins ran a 5K PR in a Superman costume to pay tribute to his brother in a very special way. Mark Francis, though, provided the ultimate tribute though as he greeted every finisher in his own full length Superman costume and then took to the streets of Tallahassee to wave at motorists and others. Hundreds of people stopped him or blew their horns to remember Tim. The overwhelming majority told him how they missed Superman and thanked him for keeping his memory alive. Of course there were also those who Tim knew all too well who cursed him and shouted unpleasant things. Tim, of course, would have just smiled at such misbehavior.

Gary Droze won the race in 17:35, pacing himself judiciously after running a 15:57.79 at the FSU Relays on Thursday evening. Julie Clark finished strong claiming the women’s title with a 20:58. James Dexter made his parents proud with yet another PR, finishing in 18:18 to capture fourth place and certainly bring a smile to Superman’s face somewhere.

Very special thanks go out to race directors Joe and Nadine Dexter for helping us to remember those infamous words of wisdom: “All right folks, don’t go out too fast.”

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