By David Yon


When I rolled out of bed in the wee hours of the morning, three sets of cat eyes stared right at me. “You are going to run a race for Rover?” “Well, you see,” I explained, “it is actually a fund raiser for the Thomas County Humane Society. And they are the ones who go out and pick up lost dogs off the street.” I think they bought it and I was granted permission to leave the house for Thomasville.

Once there, Shawn Patterson out ran the dog catcher and everyone else to grab a race victory for the second straight week. This time he ran 16:01, well ahead of second place James Dexter who broke the 18:00 mark with a very strong 17:54. Deborah Jones took the women’s title in 19:42, while Meredith Fraser broke 21:00 for the first time, demonstrating that her training at Maclay is going really well with a time of 20:51.

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