Run to Posey’s Christmas Eve morn


Join a group of fun-loving runners, bikers, skaters, and designated drivers on Wednesday, December 24, for a run/ride/skate down to Posey’s at St. Marks.

Most folks leave from the St. Mark’s Trialhead parking lot (Capital Circle and Woodville Rd.) at 8a.m. for the “about” 16 mile trek. Others drive to Posey’s and run out and back for a few miles. Still others bike or skate it. And the most intrepid, reputedly, start at Posey’s and run a 32-mile loop up and back. Informal aid stations are frequently “planted” along the way.

According to unofficial club historian John Kalin, this run has existed since about 1980, even before the St. Mark’s Trail.

Group gathers at trailhead for run to Posey’s in 2001.

In front of Posey’s, 1999.

Enjoying some well-earned oysters and smoked mullet, 1999.