By Bonnie Wright


This year was my first year to run Breakfast on the Track, and I mean run as in 4 laps around the newly re-surfaced Maclay Track, compared to being a co-race director, which is sometimes like running laps around a hamster wheel. I’m not sure which is easier. The psychologist types are always suggesting that when faced with making choices, sometimes it’s easier to make a list. Here is my list on deciding if it’s easier to run or direct.

Hot Yes Yes
Intense Yes Yes
Stressful Yes Yes
Fun (when it’s over!) Yes Yes
Negotiate a crowd Yes Yes
Work w/ diverse types Yes Yes
Challenging Yes Yes
Satisfying Yes Yes
Will repeat effort Maybe Yes

It’s a toss-up. But just like in a race, it’s the people who make it a wonderful event. Felton and I extend our heart-felt appreciation to our volunteers – My sweet mom and faithful sister (Ruth Draper and Lynn Sipay) make hundreds of pancakes. Wendy Smith and Kathy Weiss round out the food crew. Joy Opheim, Tom Perkins and Bill Lott are at the finish line. Judy Alexander, Jane Johnson and Jeanne O’Kon at the registration/scoring. Gary Droze and Maclay School – for use of the facilities!

2006 brought out many additional runners than previous years. Here are some interesting notes.

2006 finishers 202      
2005 Finishers 157      
2004 Finishers 163      
  Girls %  of Girls to total Boys % of Boys to total
2006 Finishers under 18 36 18% 57 28%
2005 Finishers under 18 29 18% 44 28%
2004 Finishers under 18 22 13% 32 20%

Thanks you to the runners and to our volunteers. See you next year!

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