By David Yon


Well it is definitely time to say something. I keep thinking if I ignore it or if I pretend it is not happening maybe it won’t. Every day since I was born, the sun has risen and set. Night has always followed day. And Rex Cleveland has produced the best running club newsletter anywhere.

Last month something really strange happened – no Point to Point and no Editors Notes. Now I know Mike Labossiere is going to do a great job. And 10 years from now we might be asking Rex who? But I am not adjusting too well so far.

I mean I had to grow up and move out of my parents’ home once. That was tough, but I got through it just fine. And there was a time when I had to leave the comfort of school and go start working for a living. Geez, that wasn’t easy, but you know I started making a little money and it was ok.

But when I picked up a newsletter in 1983 produced by Rex Cleveland, I got hooked on GWTC. It has been great for 18 years since! 18 years!! Of high quality. Of being the heart and sole (I know) of an organization. Yeah I know all that stuff about everything has its time and season. I just ain’t adjusting too well so far. And I know Rex has earned his time off – more than anyone else out there. Maybe even more than Bill Lott, if that is possible. But this is hard. Presidents, board members, and race directors they all come and go. But I am just not sure I know how to get by without Point to Point.

So I need help working through this problem – this tough, dark night. I am putting together a little story/history/tribute or whatever you want to call it for the web page and whoever else might want to use it about (or maybe against) Rex. I would greatly appreciate any stories any of you might have about Rex. You can send them to me privately (, that way he won’t see them until the end. Or, if you would rather go ahead and share them with the list that’s ok to.

But mostly, I want to say Thanks Rex for consistency and for a level of performance we all aspire to but rarely achieve. You have more than earned the right to step back and I wish you the best. But I am telling you it sure ain’t easy. You have spoiled us rotten.