September 12, 2001 BUSINESS MEETING HOSTED BY Tom Perkins and Jeanne O`Kon

Board/GWTC Members present: Paul Heirs, Tom Perkins, Bob Prentiss, Lynn Powell, Lisa Unger, David Yon, Charlie Yates, Jerry Ongley, Sarah Docter-Williams, Julie Clark, Jeff Nielsen, Kathy McDaris, Mike Sims, Brian and Judy Corbin, Joe Dexter and Mae Cleveland

Guests present: Kurt Westfall

Paul Heirs called the meeting order at 7:47 pm and quorum was established. The August minutes were read and were accepted as presented.


· Judy Alexander-Corbin made a motion to add a line item to the GWTC Membership Application to allow renewing members an option to donate to the Chenoweth Fund at the same time as renewing their GWTC membership. She acknowledged the efforts of Chenoweth Fund Committee members Toma Wilkerson and Myrna Unger for their contributions to this very appropriate idea. The motion was passed and the new line item accepted by vote.

· Jeff Nielsen presented the Prefontaine 5k budget. He showed a sample of the high quality sweatshirt he wants to include in registration packets for those who chose the option (there will be a no-shirt option). Discussion was held about the cost of the shirts and it was decided to slightly amend his budget by reducing the number of sweatshirts to be purchased to 90. A motion was made and the Prefontaine budget with the amendment was accepted by vote.

· Julie Clark presented the Women’s Distance Festival (WDF) budget. A motion was made and the presented budget was accepted by vote.


· Kurt Westfall explained to the board that High School Track and Field regulations provide specifications as to when a team can practice field events such as pole-vaulting. He would like to be able to assist local pole-vaulters of High School age and from any High School during the off season time. This would not be a team, but rather a group of young athletes interested in the same event. Mr. Westfall would like GWTC to sanction this group for insurance purposes. Board members agreed to check into the insurance issues and the issue was tabled until next meeting.


· David Yon reported for the Chenoweth Committee. David reported that a new form was designed to assist the Committee in granting awards. David acknowledged and thanked Committee member Myrna Unger for her effort in creating the document. Three applications for awards were reviewed and upon board approval will be granted by the Committee. An award of $300.00 was requested by Susan Cornwell to purchase running shoes from Sportsbeat for children at Belle Vue Middle School. Gary Droze applied for $300.00 to assist Ryan Deak with travel expenses so he can compete at the Great West meet in Charlotte, NC. Gary Droze would like to put on an All Star Cross Country meet at the Miccosukee Greenway. He requested $1000.00 to help cover expenses. These 3 requests total $1600.00 and David reported approximately $12000.00 in the Chenoweth Fund budget (figures confirmed on Bob’s Treasurer’s report). A motion was made to approve all 3 requests and was accepted by vote. David reported that the Chenoweth Committee hopes to raise up to $2000.00 with the Fall Fest events.

· Bob Prentiss presented and explained the Treasurer’s report.

· Sarah Docter Williams reported that the Ice Cream Social was a success and that the next social event will be a dinner at Carlos’ Cuban café. The cost for dinner will be $10.00 and the club will provide limited beer and soft drinks. Interested parties should contact Sarah to make reservations. Sarah also discussed the proposed date for the Christmas party will be 12/14/01.

· Joe Dexter turned checks over to Bob for equipment rental income from the ECHO 5k and the Sickle Cell 5k. Joe asked for, and was granted, approval to obtain the appropriate equipment insurance and tag for trailer.

· Charlie Yates advised that the Active.Com web page has listed the WDF with the wrong date. Kathy McDaris made a suggestion of whom to speak to for making corrections. Charlie advised that are no Pine Run fliers yet, but he will work on getting them.

· Brian Corbin reported that there are currently 785 members represented by 480 memberships.

· David reported on behalf of Mary Jean that Martha Haynes has volunteered to take over as the Lecture Series Coordinator.

· Kathy McDaris reported that the Red Hills Triathalon will be held on 3/16/02 and that Tom Thomas is the race director. She explained that the event has to be held in conjunction with the Red Hills Horse Trials for police support purposes.


· Charlie Yates further discussed the proposed Grand Prix guidelines but there was no resolution.

· Lynn Powell re-opened discussion about the club answering machine. She reported that Bonnie Benge found the only problem with the answering machine was that the batteries were dead. The batteries have been replaced and the machine works fine. Lynn has volunteered to maintain the machine and retrieve the messages periodically each week.

· Jerry Ongley re-opened the discussion about the Tyvek jackets. He reported that the jackets are available again this year by special order through Jerry just like last year.

· David Yon presented the nominations for next year’s officers. The current slate is:

President – Jane Johnson
Vice President – Tom Perkins
Treasurer – Bob Prentiss
Secretary – Lisa Unger

Directors at Large: Paul Anhberg, Judy Alexander-Corbin, Jeff Bryant, L. L. (Laura) Jensen, Lynn Powell, Jerry Ongley and Mike Sims

The board approved these nominations however additional nominations may still be accepted.

· David Yon opened more discussion about the Turkey Trot events.

· Paul Hiers advised the Tom Brown budget was finalized.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:40 pm. The next meeting will be held on October 10 th at the home of Cris and Sarah Docter-Williams.

Lisa S. Unger, Secretary

These minutes have not been reviewed and accepted by the board.


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