Springtime Thanks


Last year, I was able to write a thank you that included most if not all of the volunteers’ names, from the wonderful folks who helped with packet stuffing and pre-registration/packet pickup to those who worked tirelessly on race day to make the event a success – some did all three!! This year, over 100 amazing, selfless, hard-working volunteers came out and gave of themselves to bring Springtime to life, so in order not to take a chance on leaving anyone out, I’d like to simply say thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Brian and I are so grateful to all of you!

Many thanks to all of the patient runners who waited for a V-E-R-Y long time for results at yesterday’s Springtime race! Whenever you make changes to an event that has been around for as long as Springtime has, there are going to be some challenges. Although we hope these issues never affect the race participants, when they do we’re so grateful that people like you understand.

I have a lot of unclaimed trophies that I would like to hand over to their rightful owners. Please email or call me if you were unable to wait for the awards ceremony yesterday (believe me, I understand!!) and we can make arrangements to get your trophy to you.

I believe everyone who finished the 10K received their medal, but if you or someone you know did not, please let me know. We want everyone who ran to have proof of their accomplishment – everybody knows Springtime is NOT an easy course!

Thanks again!


Judy and Brian