By Julie Clark


The Springtime Training Group this year has evolved into a mixture of experienced runners to returnees from prior years to beginners preparing to run their first 10K race.The goals were different. Some wanted to get faster, some wanted to get familiar with the course, some wanted a group to run with and some wanted to finish their first 10K.

We met every Monday evening meeting at the Springtime finish area. We had many “hard core” participants who showed up regardless of the weather conditions, which included cold, rain and darkness. Katie Yaun was one of the highly enthusiastic participants. She not only completed her first 10K, but completed her first 15K (Jacksonville River Run) during the 10K training. Estella Phelps and Judy Bakstran are a few of the dedicated participants who return every year. Mary Geringer and Paula Kiger along with several others were “Spirit of Women” graduates (this was a fall beginners 5K training group).

I really appreciated the assistance of the volunteers (Jimmy Kalfas, JoLena Pace, Bob Fisher, Dawn Brown and Jeff Bryan) who were all dedicated and enthusiastic. I thoroughly enjoyed this group and am proud of each and every participant. Everyone did an outstanding job at Springtime. Below is a list of all those who were registered in the group who completed the Springtime 10K:

Judy Bakstran 64:53, Ben Betts 53:44, Jennifer Betts 60:28, Robbie Bouplon 68:43, Dawn Brown 67:09 (asst.), Jeff Bryan 41:43 (asst.), Patterson Calhoun 68:07, Seth Coffin 46:21, Kathy Dunnigan 65:03, Bob Fisher 43:46 (group leader), Mary Geringer 65:11, Laurie Grubbs 51:37, Barrett Haga 40:57, Cheryl Johnson (worked finish chute), Ruth Jones 57:53, Chris Judd 52:18, Jimmy Kalfas 64:13 (group leader), Paula Kiger 72:29, John Morrill 51:31, Cana Nudi 72:29, JoLena Pace (group leader/worked results), Estella Phelps 59:06, Kimberly Ruscher-Rogers 62:35, Lynn Schuster 68:00, Christine Stabley 58:52, Margaret Thompson 70:34, Katie Yaun 48:15.

I sincerely apologize if I missed anyone. I hope to see you all again next year on the first Monday after the New Year.