The tradition of GWTC’s annual Summer Track Series and Summer Grand Prix competition will continue this summer, but with a few changes proposed by the Grand Prix/Awards Committee. For several years, the Summer Grand Prix Committee has expressed dismay at the awarding of Summer Grand Prix awards in January or February in conjunction with the overall annual Grand Prix awards. Many of the 14 and under age group participants, as well as some of the older participants, have long since forgotten the Summer Track Series by the time the awards are presented in the following winter.

To remedy this, the Committee is suggesting that the summer series be shortened to 7 weeks of competition with awards being presented on the 8th week. Running events and fun relay events will still take place on the 8th week, and the ice cream social will also be held. However, the 8th week will have non-scoring events, because the awards will be based on 7 weeks of scoring. (It would not be possible to have scores ready on the evening of the 8th week if scored events were held on the same night as the awards.) We would still award the overall male and female series winners, as well as at least 3 deep in the 14 and under male and female age groups and the first place performers in the 15 and older male and female age groups.

The committee is very interested in any feedback from the club in general. If you have ideas about enhancements to the Summer Track Series, or points of interest concerning the proposed changes, please contact any of the following Summer Grand Prix committee members: Dave Rogers (, Charles Futch (, Jeanne O’Kon (, or Lisa Unger (