Summer Track Meet #1 - June 1, 2000

100 Meter Race
Luke Liles6 & under4M??
Robert Jensen6 & under6M??
Cole Hensley6 & under6M??
Jamie Wright6 & under6M??
Shelby Tucker6 & under6M??
Cameron Tucker6 & under4M??
Whitney Alexander7 to 109F18.110
Logan Wolcott15 to 1815M15.110
Katy Ziegler15 to 1815F15.5810
Jessica Jensen15 to 1815F168
Jarrett Liles25 to 2929M13.210
Stephanie Liles25 to 2928F16.2110
Kathy Pike*30 to 3430F17.0810
Rolando Ramerez35 to 3939M14.610
Julie Clark35 to 3938F15.7210
Hobson Fulmer40 to 4444M12.6710
Jay Silvanima40 to 4440M13.2
Mark Francis40 to 4441M13.516
Gary Cato40 to 4444M13.525
Richard Ziegler40 to 4440M14.424
Myron Herring40 to 4441M15.33
LL Jensen40 to 4444F17.410
Dave Rogers45 to 4946M12.8810
Jeanne O'Kon45 to 4948F1910
Will Walker50 to 5950M13.3710
Bob Prentiss50 to 5950M14.668
Anne Draper50 to 5958F17.210