Results from the 2005 Grand Prix Survey are in and indicate ringing support for the Grand Prix program as it is currently administered. 39 survey respondents answered 15 of 16 survey questions distinctly in favor of keeping things the way they are. Questions addressed a variety of areas such as how much Gulf Winds ought to spend on its Grand Prix program, what sorts of awards and how many awards the Grand Prix program ought to offer, and whether or not the Grand Prix program ought to include age-graded races.

Survey respondents included over 125 comments and ideas with their survey answers. These are being reviewed and considered by the Grand Prix Committee. Our goal is to mine your comments and the survey results for ideas to make the Grand Prix program even better!

Thank-you to all of our survey respondents.

Your Grand Prix Committee – David Yon, Lisa Unger, Jo Lena Pace, Jeanne O’Kon, & Paul Ahnberg