Volunteer Spotlight: Tom Scott

Judy Alexander, November 21, 2007

Try as he might, Tom Scott cannot get race directors to let him do anything but take photos of the runners. That’s probably because he is a Photographer Extraordinaire, catching us at our best, worst and most triumphant moments.

Tom is a longtime runner and a member of GWTC since 1998. Tom put his lifetime photography hobby to work when he got injured and wanted something to do while waiting for his wife, Nada, to get to the finish line at the races.  Tom says watching the races has been interesting primarily because from a photographer’s point of view there seem to be three groups of runners: The front runners, fast, talented, focused and unsmiling, who don’t notice him; the mid-packers who, if they’re not hurting too badly, attempt smiles or wave and yell at him; and the rest of the runners who ham it up for the camera, smiling or, in the case of certain female runners to be left unnamed, primp or fix their hair when they see him shooting!

“It’s been very rewarding,” Tom says, “I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many good folks and forming friendships. I’m very grateful for all the comments runners and their families have made about the pictures. That, in itself, makes the effort to take and process the race photos worthwhile.”

Visit the GWTC website (www.gulfwinds.org) and click on “Photos – People and Places” on the left to enjoy Tom’s handiwork. This volunteer helps us keep our memories alive!